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Hi darlings,

Good day and welcome to another exciting edition of #throwbackthursday...

Source: my old rickety camera

My Throwback Story

It was a beautiful evening so many years ago. My friend's mother just got delivered of a baby boy after so many years of having only her.

My friend screamed in tears when she was sharing the good news with me.
"So I will yet have someone to call my blood.
So I will no longer be called a witch who wanted to live all by herself.
So now I have someone to play with".

Be calm, I told her with so much tears in my eyes. I could totally relate with this.

If you are from the part of my country where my friend hails from, you might understand how my friend felt... She was from a place where rumors are better believed than facts. She was from a place where an only child is accused of stopping her siblings from coming to join him/her.

Having a second child join their home was a dream come true for my friend and her family. It was everything to them and they were ready to paint the town red.


images (2).jpeg


The naming ceremony is called ikomo ceremony in Yoruba language.
The ikomo is culturally held on the eighth day of the child’s life. On that day, the chosen names are revealed to family and guest present at the joyful occasion. There’s plenty to eat and drink and most importantly, prayers are offered on the child’s behalf.


About my throwback picture

We, the friends of the new sister(my friend) didn't want to be left out so we decided to have our "aso ebi".
The idea was to dress like alhajas which was why I was dressed that way in the picture. There was lots and lots of things to eat and of course many reasons to laugh.

PS: My friend and I have lost contacts, we are now in various cities and have gotten busy with our individual lives. Thanks to #throwbackthursday. This picture took me down Memory Lane and all the memories I shared with my friend are back. This is what #throwbackthursday are for!

Let's hear your story!
Let's bring back some memories 😁😁😁


Last week was the first episode and I was really wowed by the stories I saw. The stories had me smiling to my phone all through.

We had a total of twenty five entries. Wow! That was huge for a start!
This means a lot to me. Thanks fam😘.

THIS IS NOT A CONTEST but I will be sending a little token of love to all that participated. This means a lot to me.


Special thanks to these wonderful darlings who I shared this thoughts with before bringing it on here. They gave me a big boost. You all mean a lot to me😘😘😘😘😘
@tojukaka @fisteganos @amec @adejoke16 @jeaniepearl @ogoowinner.

So it's #throwbackthursday, let's have some fun. Here is what it entails

  1. Resteem and upvote this #throwbackthursday post. We want others to see this and participate too.
  2. Go ahead and do your throwback post. Just pictures aren't allowed. There's always a story behind every photo and this story MUST be told.
  3. Use the #throwbackthursday tag, let's get this trending.
  4. Drop a link to your post in the comment section of this post.
  5. Add the link of this original post to your post and invite your followers to join this fun.
  6. Let's have some fun and get this tag trending #throwbackthursday #tbt. If other social media platform can do this, we are a platform with a difference. We can do this also with a difference. We should not be left out of the fun.
  7. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST but freebies might be given at the end of every week to a selected few.

Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃

Tell us your story.

Remember to add the original link to this post in your #throwbackthursday post so that other people can participate. You sure do not want to enjoy this alone.

Thank you for participating and Thank you for reading. And yes I love you too.

I am @gee1 and I hope that someday, my upvote will be able to buy someone a meal. I hope that someday the worth of my upvote will be able to fund projects.

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  ·  3년 전

You really took me through your past with your pictures.

What else are #throwbackthursday for if not for memories and fun.

Thanks for participating darling 😘😘😘

  ·  3년 전

Thank you too.

Thanks for participating

Here is my entry, its my first time, thank you I like what you do here.

  ·  3년 전


Thanks for participating darling. Your #throwbackthursday post is really awesome.

It was really nice meeting you at the meet-up.
Keep steeming!

  ·  3년 전

I am already laughing 😂😂😂
I can't help it.

  ·  3년 전

You came through for your sister in your #throwbackthursday post.

That speaks well of you.
Thanks for participating darling

Hi ma'am.
Love what you're doing and want to partake in the fun.
This 's mine.

  ·  3년 전

Awwwwwwwwwww.... I read your post dear. Those smiles with your friends were so real.

Thanks for participating dear

Kudos to this initiative. I can now appreciate my old forgotten pics.
Below is my TBT entry for this week

Wow! This really has reminded me of an old friend i would love to see again. I would have loved to participate but i have a tight schedule today. Can i do it tomorrow? But it surely will no longer be a throwbackthursday.

This is awesome...lemme check oOo if I have any...come @gee1, dis ur small pix is ojoro oOo, go dig up better one jor 😁😀

  ·  3년 전

I yam waiting

brightex is very liberal👌

  ·  3년 전

😁😁😁😁 I know right

@gee1 this really amazing and a perfect time to dig deep on old forgotten photos.

Arrrgh!!! @gee1 my name wasn't mentioned.... Great post!

  ·  3년 전

I'm so sorry love.
I await your entry dear😘😘😘😘


Mine too was not mentioned dear😞

  ·  3년 전

My apologies sweetie 😘😘😘

Thank you so much @gee1 for bringing out my writing skills and taking me down memory lane, and for the token as well.

Its a privilege to have shared this post, it has a lot of emotions attached to it, I hope you feel same while reading.

@Gee1 and @fisteganos. how can I join your team? a group link or anything. you could forward it to my number (08069528112) or drop it here. I really love what you guys do

  ·  3년 전

I will add you up on whatsapp


Can u add me up to the whastapp group.. Need someone to link me up and put me through.. Thanks 07036255547. Jonathan. U superb


I will like to be added up too plz... 08101266950

Wow I love this. I will not carry last for this one o, let me make my post sharp sharp cos I have lots of old pictures. 😀

Thanks a million for the token! You are so very sweet!

  ·  3년 전

Ahhhhhhhhh you appreciate it...
That's how you know great people.
You are welcome ma.

You are simply amazing, thank you so much dear. 😍😍
Let me go and get my link ready😁

  ·  3년 전

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 💃💃💃.
You are welcome my love.

Let the fun begin

Thanks for the gift

  ·  3년 전

You are welcome darling.

Thanks to @gee1 for bringing this trend to steemit.
you can aslo check my throwbackthursday pictures here

Yeah... @gee1. Immediately I read this post, I quietly went to dig out this old picture of mine and wrote my own throwbackthursday story. Read it here:

that your first picture is pretty small o. its looking fine, I see no make up on it.. nice

  ·  3년 전

Thank you.
That is a very old picture taken with an old camera.
The reason is it's #throwbackthursday 💃💃💃💃💃

Join the fun

Thanks to @gee1 for the gift I so much appreciate.

I love this. Time to dig up some antiquities. Haha

@gee1 loving you already. Thanks for the gift

This is my entry

First tor fest. I resteemed . second is that ama join. Let me goan dig

  ·  3년 전


Nice post dear@gee1

Nice post.

I also post lovely poems daliy @adenijiadeshina. You can please try checking out those lovely poems at @adenijiadeshina and i hope you love them. Thank you for your support

Please the first picture was my favourite that year. Don't laugh at it. Iyam begging.