Thunder Storm and Lightning Photographs

3년 전

Photographs from a recent thunder storm on the Isle of Wight,
South Coast of England, UK.

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One of my better shots but slightly out of focus! It was raining too hard to go out and my camera is not weather-sealed so I decided to take the first set of photographs from my flat which overlooks Sandown Bay on the Isle of Wight, where I live.

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The next photograph is taken from the top car park at Culver Down, overlooking Whitecliff Bay, with city lights from Portsmouth and a lightning strike touching down in the distance.

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And the final image... (possibly my best photo of the night) is a four image panorama of lightning over Brading Downs with lights from Yarbridge in the mid-foreground. The storm was fizzling out by now but it still made a pretty dramatic photograph. If you like this image, it is available to print and download in the Inner Vision Photography Gallery. Also visit the Gallery to check out my photography from previous years. Any purchase you make will help support my work, thank you!

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