Taixia Village, Taiji Water Township

5개월 전

Fujian Zhangzhou Nanjing County, Shuyang Town, Ta Ha Village, is a small bridge and water Tulou village, built in 1426, now there are about 300 families, is also one of the first 15 Chinese landscape villages, known as "Minnan Zhouzhuang", "Taiji Water Township". In fact, I think the name "Minnan Zhouzhuang" is not good at all, Ta Xia Village and Zhouzhuang except for the water, there is really not much similarity, and I think Ta Xia kind of nature is more beautiful than Zhouzhuang, why borrow the reputation of others. 2008, I first passed through the village in a hurry, marveled at the beauty and tranquility of this place The feeling of the Tulou water township attracted me deeply, because I could not stay at that time, I think the next time to visit the Tulou, must be in the village of Ta Xia overnight, so this trip to the Tulou, specially arranged a night in the village of Ta Xia, who knew that the village began to traffic jam, an hour to enter the village inside, the village of Ta Xia is not what it used to be. In fact, although the village has now become famous, but still a very beautiful village, it is recommended that not holidays can stay here, feel the quiet and cozy tulou village, alpine water village. Tashita Village is the village with the largest number of tulou in the country, in a square kilometer of land, gathered 47 square, round, apron-shaped, curved ruler-shaped tulou and more than 30 small chic brick buildings, there are more than ten small bridges across the small river, like a "paradise" beautiful, although the tourism of Tashita Village is booming, but the tulou Hakka people still maintain their simple nature, hospitality.
Tashita village is close to Fujian Tulou (Nanjing) Visitor Center, which is the distribution center of Nanjing Tulou tourism, as the two counties of Yongding and Nanjing, which are close to each other, are doing their own work to develop tourism resources, and do not concede to each other, so each place has its own visitor center, each playing the banner of Fujian Tulou. Revisit the village of Tashita, the small village is still beautiful, but there has been a great change, this is no longer the quiet little mountain village, the daytime here has been the sound of people, the night is also bright lights, where the Tulou Hakka still maintain the nature of pure and simple hospitality, but their next generation and how it is difficult to say, after all, in this materialistic society, we can not just ask others to do The "paradise", but in this rapidly changing country, the best strain of Tashita village may be the same, to remain unchanged in response to all changes, to maintain the mountains and clear water, to treat people with sincerity, so that more people can get to know Tulou and have a deeper good feeling about it.

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