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Time does not wait for anybody, do want you want to do and be quick about it .I remember when am in college , I have four friend ( ay , dele , john and Joshua ) will always rule the school any way we like , we engage in fighting with other student and punish them . We always got beaten by the principal everyday due to our bad behavior , during the school hour we always sneak out of the school and went to the mall to play games and watch movie. Some teacher always report me to my parent about my bad behavior and always got beaten from them. And I think of becoming a pharmacist in future .

How I turn a new leaf

I remember of the smart kid in our class that time , the girl like me and talk to me to change my behavior , I was glad to hear that word from her . We started hanging out with each other and started talking about life , we read book together and share more experience about the school activities , I completely change my behavior . We did the school exam and I was promoted but my friend might have succeeded if they'd been given a fair crack of the whip.I also share some students about my experience in school and how I graduated from their ,if you think of becoming a great pharmacist you must not waste your time playing games and watching movie, FB_IMG_15273804648436979.jpg

I also saw a older man complain ( there do not do what they should do at time) that they did not spend their time appropriately in their younger days, their did not use their time in right way , and what is the reason in complaining now, the time did not spent is the time wasted. We know the time does not wait for anybody, many youth fail in their target then they already created a reason of Failure . and they don't think of what cause the reason for failure and how to encourage their self about time and how to improve it . Time can't be Stop or wait you have to go with another plan . Be fast about what you want to do time does not wait for anybody.0.jpeg

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