Steem: The lovely community.

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HEY FRIENDS: Am back on steem.
All this while I have not been available on steem and I quite sure my followers missed me on my timeline.

Its been a while I come on steem which defined how busy I was these days and I couldn't place my hands on any text editor, Well it's all for good.
Soon I will disclose my activities to steem community.
And I hope you all can't wait to hear from me the recent project I am working on
Especially @crypto.piotr, @knowledges, @tykee, @gooddream, and all other well-wishers.
Hey @knowledges, I sight your perfect work well-done at

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Dear @profnuhu

It's always great to see people comming back :) Especially those who create quality content and are very supportive towards community.

so welcome back buddy! :)


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Dear @profnuhu

This is going to be little bit off-topic comment. Hope you don't mind. As you may know I will be heading to europe soon and I realized that I may be quite busy catching up with Polish family once I see them again.

So I figured that I will extend all delegations for another 1 month (until end of march 2019). Just wanted to let you know :)

Hope you will continue being active and supportive towards our little steemit community we managed to create together.


Dear @profnuhu

I just visited your account to see if you posted anything new lately and I see that you're taking a break?

Hope you're not done with Steemit and you will be back with some interesting publications soon :)