A letter to my 17 year old self

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Letter to the 17 year old me

Thank you @ericwalton for starting a thread for people to take on a task like this one. I hope more people continues to take on this idea though I believe it gives great opportunities to get some perspectives and realizations.

Time is so relevant. This is a letter to myself, 10 years ago but it feels like 30 years ago. I have had many realizations from this time. I would say I have taken off my blind fold and have started to see life more as it is and not as I was told to. These are words for me 10 years ago, but also for in this moment of my life and for the future. Hopefully, you can find some value in it too.

At this time I had very little if even no deeper thoughts about life. Life was to travel 6 months, go to the university, get a job, boyfriend, children and house. Get old, sick and die. Life was flat but I had some sense of that it was more to it than I knew. I just didn't know how to get there. Traveling helped me later to welcome the more spiritual path, which I always will be grateful for. These are the important things I have come to know and try to practice basically every day.  I think this could have been very useful words for me to hear at that point of my life. 

Dear me,

Believe in yourself.
You are not better than anyone else and nobody is better than you.
You are unique and so is everybody else too
Remember that when you meet somebody very different from yourself
Believe that you can do just whatever you wish to do with your life
Listen carefully to others but learn to listen to yourself
Ask yourself; What is right for me?

Don’t stress.
Life is not about doing, don’t underestimate the moments to just be
Do nothing sometimes
Follow your gut feeling, it is speaking to you all the time
When you do things, be there and don’t think about what has been or what will come
Stop and look around often, without judging
Always remember that you have everything you need

Enjoy and laugh.
Don’t take things too seriously, learn to laugh a lot -at yourself too
It doesn’t matter what you wear and how you look
It matters who you are, be true to yourself and the beauty of that will shine out
Always tell the truth even though it can be very hard
Do things you love every day
Be grateful of what you have and what you are
Do more for others

Don’t be afraid.
Do things that are uncomfortable for you and learn from them
Feel beautiful without make up and clothes, touch yourself with love
Be patient, all processes has its ups and downs
Mistakes don’t exist, they are just another thing to learn from
Trust that you are able to do what you desire
You will find out that there is another way to live then you have been told
Life is way more exciting than you can imagine
Be positive and never give up chasing great dreams

Follow what is natural.
Observe a lot; nature, animals, people, your surrounding and yourself
Write something that is on your mind every night
Start to meditate, it is not only an activity for monks
Give yoga an honest try
You will come to understand that nothing is separated
Nothing should be labeled
Stretching your body will stretch your mind
Get to know yourself, your own nature

Try new things.
You don’t know before you’ve tried them yourself
Be smart about it but do jump, fall and get high
Don’t dislike computer nerds, you will end up getting married to one
Find your own way online, like it or not, the world is moving there
But do keep your phone free days

Learn from nature and animals.
Spend more time with the horses without riding them
They will become your greatest teachers
Look around in nature
A tree is wise, it knows how to be still and grow
Everything around you are your teachers
Be a good life student

Live in the moment.
Engage in everything you do and pay attention
Learning is fun and learning is life
Learn how to learn
Learn how to live to be happy
You can be all that you have as your dreams

Don’t worry every little things is gonna be alright
Listen to Bobs words, they are true
Take responsibility for your own life
Love a lot but promise me to not forget to love yourself
You are the most important person in your life
Do your best to get to know yourself

Help others
Get on the journey to get really happy yourself first
Then- you are able to really help others
Engage with people who also is on that journey
Convince yourself to always stay positive, no matter what
Just believe it and it will be true

Take time to think about life
Time is the only thing you have
Other than that, you have no limits what so ever
Life just gets better
To grow older means getting wiser
Learn to accept death as a part of your life

Think big
Hug yourself
Listen to your heart
Sing out loud
Be kind

You are you
Which is amazing

                                                DREAMS DO COME TRUE


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