WHAT IF - Tin Foil Raps 2 - A Paranoid Rhymes Contest Entry - cat. 2 written rhymes

4년 전


It's the ancient story played in a new deal:
Few will get big money, many - big ordeal.
It's because the puppets have no balls, nor skill -
Masters issue orders, then the pawns do kill.

If there is no puppet and there is no pawn,
Who is there for Master to control and own?
If no private money near brain washing-tone,
Then where is the credit that The Bank can loan?

There was the Afgani, Libyan, Iraqi,
Now this other poor guy, Syrian, is "lucky".
Start growing a wisdom, stop being so cocky,
You are genocidal, you're not playing hockey.

Glory of Goliath smashing little one
Stands when that big fighting is accepted, son.
You should try with Kim or nuclear Iran.
'Cause where is the glory when the little run?

Little girl Amena wonders. Mother says:
"It's because in this world men love to possess.
They still need some decades with their game of chess
Before reaching Kingdom of desireless."

All the people praying do not help it, but
If they did stop voting, that would state a lot.
Vote is trust that others will make the right cut.
They are trusting blindly, Marky marked the spot.

Scientists just found that at Uranus' noon
Diamonds fall plently in the spring monsoon.
Looks like that old rainboy might develop soon
A regime that's hiding weapons of mass doom.

Biggest propaganda not easy to fix
Is the one employing millions of six.
After much subtraction still the number sticks.
You keep having six ones in this math remix.

Tell me, Mr. Goldblood, little sneaky thief,
Who died in the astral and then made you chief?
What if there's no power, colour or belief?
How about that, People? How about? What if? 

Contest was here.

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This is sick! Love it 🤩.


Mersi :-)


Uite ceva in același tempo 😋.


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Inclusion of so many worthy links make this rhyme even more valuable. I'll come back to check all those links refereed here.

Good job!


Thank you so much for your kind words.