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mão 1.1  cópia.jpg

On a black background in photoshop, I decided in this quarantine to go back to my roots a little while Desginer and take advantage of that moment to put into practice some knowledge acquired as a student.
Well, in the previous post, I taught you how to get there in a very short way and how to do the process.
After almost 7 hours of work, I reach the end of my journey on this small project.
-YES The risk has a lot to be said and, to obtain this format, we take many hours of our time to design so that everything is as perfect as possible!

For those who have not seen the previous Post, I will leave my equipment here to obtain this result in practice it is very simple (having a good computer and a graphics tablet)
IMG_9287 1.jpg
MacBook Pro Retina 13
Intel Core i5 quad-core 1.4 GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.9 GHz, with 128 MB eDRAM
Graphics table
Within the Wacom range, the cost-effective Ctl-480 table is among the best on the market
In addition, the equipment comes with 2 additional pen tips and it is possible to change the colored rings, in my case I like the blue

I always end up putting background music on my basic Iphone headphones, to help me focus.
As a drawing, I end up focusing more quickly, having music is like being in another place.
It gives me good feelings and gives me chances to imagine.

In the sequence of the project I noticed that it could have a double meaning depending on the way we could see it, so I decided to present here the 2 possible senses about it, but I also show a little bit of the transformation phase that took place as the hours went by passing

What ends up giving interest to the design itself is the same with a black background, which highlights the layers of overlapping scratches that make up the same

mão 1.1.jpg

mão 1.1  cópia.jpg

The same image in different positions can be read twice in the case of the first one, it reminds me of a couple who will hold hands.
On the second, it refers to a party period in which people feel free dancing
which ends up bringing immense value to the content presented here, at least for me.

However, I'm going to introduce you to my creative project and development, remembering that this was produced in Photoshop,
Incredible as it may seem, I spent part of the day in my quarantine producing what you are currently seeing.
This brings me a certain digital livery, since I cannot leave home

I ended up being distracted while the hours went by producing for you so I really hope you like it, and that you value my work

After having done the first hand that is in the previous post I would end up making a final final post about this work and then I started producing right away since I made the post, that is probably 4 hours ago

Captura de ecrã 20200405, às 15.32.07.png

Captura de ecrã 20200405, às 16.48.42.png

Captura de ecrã 20200405, às 17.07.41.png

Captura de ecrã 20200405, às 18.24.21.png

Captura de ecrã 20200405, às 18.24.55.png

Captura de ecrã 20200405, às 18.15.46.png

I used all the basic tools that exist in Photoshop without any type of extension I used brush 4 in size 3 and replicating several layers to get a little more definition about the drawing.
I mainly believe who is starting now and to better control the pen that can be a good exercise (just scratch)
we have better control over the pen and adapt more easily.
start with easy objects to achieve good results and do not give up :)
well for today and the end
I hope you like DREW0

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