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Hi guys,

We have a task for you about your Social Media activity and your Social Media aspirations.

First, let’s start with how you use Social media to learn about the news, etc.

How do you use Social Media when it comes to Crypto scene?

How many crypto influencers do you follow?

How did you find them?

Are you interested in finding new interesting people in the Crypto scene to follow?

We know that some of you are very active in the Crypto community. Some of you might even have a pretty big following with a nice influence. And some of you are dreaming of such following…

If you are one of the aspiring or current influencer then the questions to you guys are:

Would you want to increase your Social Media influence and reach with real people?

What are the reasons why you’d want to do this?

What Social Media would you want to boost?

Would you pay for boosting your social media influence?

What would you be interested the most (eg. likes, followers, engagement (comments) )

How active are you on Social media? Twitter, Facebook,. any other?

Last question, would you pay for a one-off payment and get new followers?

You can also check out what we’re thinking of offering on this link to get a rough idea and let us know what you think. And tell us what package would you buy.

Thank you so much!

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2. Leave your feedback on the page

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