[BOUNTY][GUARDIANS] High-IoT IoT malware detection protocol powered by HiT Token

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HighIoT is blockchained IoT threat detection protocol (based on a patented technology) that builds a global, crowdsourced IoT device hDNA(behavioral profiles).

IoT vulnerabilities open up new possibilities to hackers, so new IoT era calls for its heroes, we need you to join us as Guardian and protect the brittle peace in our connected world.
Guardians program is aimed at building a community of tech-savvy people who will protect the automated world.
Becoming a Guardian means joining with people all around the globe to complete Guardians program tasks and get benefits from it.

What is IoT?
The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect, collect and exchange data. Smartphones, PCs, and laptops are not IoT devices.

How can you help us?
1. Scan/take a picture or provide URL for each IoT device User Guide & Manual you have in your house and send it to vlad@high-iot.com or within a reply to this thread.
2. Build hDNA (IoT device behavioral profiles) using High-IoT Guardians software (available for Ubuntu and Windows). Learn more from this guide.
*More tasks will be announced later as the program develops

What benefits will you get if decide to become a Guardian?
1. After building or updating hDNA profile you will be rewarded through our loyalty points system (100LP*). Every time when the profile is successfully used to discover an attack you will get loyalty points.
2. Each Manual or User Guide for your home IoT device worth 10LP*.
*Loyalty Program is under development.

Loyalty Points can be used to purchase security cameras and other IoT devices from our shop and redeem special promotions and offers from all members of the High-IoT ecosystem (IoT hardware manufacturers, support service providers, cybersecurity insurance companies, and more to come). Also, you will be able to redeem HIT tokens using Loyalty Points and exchange them for fiat money or store in your wallet.

How can I start to build hDNA?
Before you can start to build hDNA profiles, we need your preferable username to register in our system and information about the devices that you want to research.
The next steps and hardware & software requirements are listed in the guide.

How can I learn more about High-IoT Guardians program, High-IoT, and your technology?
Visit High-IoT website

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