Steem Engine Token Rewards : September 24, 2019

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September 24, 2019 - This is my report on getting steem-engine token rewards, to encourage others getting the same things and create more value of token!

Hi there,

This is just a short report on my earning of steem engine token and here is for today rewards that I can collect, this my second claims for today!

Stake various token, you will earn that token if the post you upvote include particular tag.


Want to earn these token too?, simple add these tag when posting on steem blockchain.

  • #actnearn - for social media but it can be any topic
  • #palnet - it can be any topic
  • #spt - steemmonsters related post only
  • #zzan - it can be any topic
  • #neoxian - it can be any topic
  • #steemleo - investment related stuff

That's all for now ...

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed reading my Blog. Please remember to Follow, Resteem, and Upvote.

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Hello, @dknkyz I saw that you play Steemmonsters as well and I was hoping to ask you if you would be interested in Selling some Gold Foil Cards to me in exchange for Upvotes.

All right, resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Thank you so much to choose us as your witness.