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Zercados token may be considered as one of the most important tokens for those who value strict (and) pure privacy, but it’s actually about an entire ecosystem where everything can run independently; without relying on any big name in the industry. Yes, it is another cryptocurrency platform, but it focuses on communication and privacy. The concept is quite interesting, and it offers promising future when implemented correctly.

About Zercados and Its Initial Development Concept

The numbers of people who are concerned about their privacy are increasing. It’s related to technology, really. You see, with the increase of technology, our daily lives and activities are made easier. You simply use the internet for regular and daily surfing. You can maintain work efficiency and even boost businesses with technology. It’s the positive and convenient side of modern technology.

But the same technology can pry on your activities and even your surfing habits. Do you know that websites and applications collect data from your activities? Do you know that your ISP harness data from their clients? Do you know that everything you do is basically recorded and kept? It’s safe to say that the cost for advanced technology is your privacy.

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Zercados started with the concept ‘what ifs’. What if we could create a communication channel that can be easily developed and created for Android devices? What if we could create a one-of-a-kind operating system? What if we could create our own private VPN? What if we could create our own smartphone, with our own operating system, our own VPN, and our own communication channel? That’s the core of Zercados as a platform.

A Unique Environment

How is this platform different from the others? Whereas other platforms focus on their own platform, apps, and tokens, this platform actually produces its own smartphone product. Since its core concept is about private communication and how users can maintain their own privacy and data, it’s only logical that they produce a smartphone whose all of its elements are completely independent.

This is when Avoozer smartphone is designed. It comes with open source UB ports operating system that is addressed for developers’ community. These developers are hired whenever there is a needed project for Avoozer’s development. Instead of depending on the already existing operating system or applications, Zercados platform depends on its own platform and community (especially developers) to create and develop their own applications.

Avoozer first (privacy) smartphone was finally launched in 2021, in June. It was named Avoozer KV Beta for a reason. KV stands for Ka and Veil. In Egyptian myth, Ka is the part of the body that remains even after you die. It represents data in the real modern world. Veil is the synonym of shield, hide, and protect – which is the platform wants when dealing with users data.

Zercados Token

All cryptocurrency platforms have their own tokens. These tokens are designed for many different purposes, depending on the platforms’ concept and ideals. Some tokens are used as the platform’s currencies. Some tokens function as governance; giving voting rights to the owners. Some tokens are used for rewards.

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In this platform, the token is used not only for investment, but also for funding projects. You see, you can buy the token and then take part in projects. There is a bright and promising future ahead, and the platform has tons potential upcoming projects. Considering that they are building their own business, especially in communication and smartphone industry, there are quite many things to expect.

The Specialty of Zercados Token

Instead of revolutionizing the current solutions, the platform is about protecting them. After all, a token is the core of blockchain technology, which is needed to generate the platform. When you can combine blockchain technology, democracy, and digital token together, the token itself can protect its investors, developers, and users.

Zercados token is about developing solutions and networks that can protect users’ privacy by giving them an ecosystem that focuses on security and privacy. The platform has its own flagship product, the Avoozer smartphone which functions as the core key within a (safe encrypted) network of solutions and services. The tokens would be used for marketing. It is also used to reward developers. Since the smartphone is only available through Zercados platform, sellers and buyers need to use the token for transactions. Developers who are able to create and design applications would be rewarded by the token. So, basically, Zercados is an ecosystem where every activity is made possible, whether it is for creation, for development, for investment, and others.


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Conclusive Words

If you support the idea that better privacy is the answer for future’s development and reference, then this is the platform for you. It enables you to maintain your privacy without losing the important connection to technology. Thanks to Zercados, it is now possible to keep your data intact and private, and you can still communicate with the world.

Website: http://www.zercados.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.zercados.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/ZercadosTokenWhitePaper-PDF.pdf
Bitcointalk Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5358393.0

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