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After the @TokenBB presentation at Steemfest, we've got a lot of feedback and I came out realizing the real potential of what incentivized forums. Now, let me share with you what TokenBB is being built for and for what it isn't.

TokenBB is not competing with the existing forum softwares

This became very clear when I saw my friend browsing a Buddhist discussion forum. Tokenizing those conversations would make no sense and is completely out of place...not all social interaction need to have money attached to them.

BUT, there are spaces where it does make sense and let me showcase to you what they are.

The Market For Incentivized Forums

Social Action Forums - @CleanPlanet Project

CleanPlanet aims to reward people for cleaning up the area where they live. They are already doing this and people are filming themselves picking up garbage. It's really nice and it gives people an incentive to clean the world around them.

A forum where people share what they did and get rewarded by the moderators and other users for doing good deeds is definitely a need that isn't being filled by the current forum softwares.

Gaming Communities - @SteemMonsters, @Chibera, etc.

What if you could crowdsource most or all of the fan art, mods, maps, game guide, etc. for your game by rewarding the people with tokens? Imagine if the people who earn those tokens can then turn around and buy stuff within the game itself?

Imagine if someone is passionate about creating StarCraft maps and can actually make a living doing so? For people who create games, this technology can really help them create enthusiasm for their games.

Status of the TokenBB Project

We've been working on the software and we strongly hoped to be able to showcase it at SteemFest but last minute bugs prevented us from launching and we are sorry for the delay. Any day now, this should be online and ready for you to play with.

Once the alpha version is out, @TokenBB will be looking for more people to join the team! If you are a front-end developer who works in javascript, please make sure to contact me. If you want to get on the inside, join our discord channel and let's chat!

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I have never been much of a forum guy in the past but while we talked I realised how much communities could leverage them and the cross application potential is huge for tailored content discovery and organisation. I am looking forward to what is to come.


Thanks @tarazkp, it was great to meet you at SteemFest and I'm looking forward to read your blog :-)


Took me a while to get back to this. I came home and spent time with my wife and daughter before I finally had a chance to crash and sleep. Catching up on comments is taking some time :)

It was interesting to hear about your project. I used to be really into forums as they were the main place to get support on various topics. Tokenising them is a great idea and I hope to see this get big. It's one of several areas where Steem offers a great alternative. We just have to make it more usable and then persuade people to move over. The latter is the hard part.


Send me a msg on discord :-)

Interesting! The gaming community idea is exactly what we have in mind. We would want to at some point create a central hub/market place where gamers can trade their in game items of games made using our SDK, as well as artists selling their design and music for game developers to use. I smell a chance of collaboration here may be?


I had exactly the same idea! My current website looks very bland and business-y but I am doing a revamp making a custom WordPress theme to give my site(s) a more "gaming" feel to it (finally!).

I wanted to use Steemit as a forum both on my main website and my games portal so TokenBB is definitely interesting based on the OTHER stuff I've already done!

The backstory
For years I've been working towards creating a system where people can create their own games and share content between those games. It's been available commercially for over half a decade already and the reviews from people using it has been phenomenal.

Irony ahead...
How it work is that you install the plugins onto your website once (done that years ago) and now you are setup an ready for all current and future games to store all their data to the cloud and sync (real time) to any device you happen to have. Additionally, you can now share data between games. Getting the games ready to use this system is as simple as giving my plugin a website URL and a Game ID and you are good to go.... It takes less than 2 minutes per game to get it plugged into the system and you are good to go...

Wait for it...
After building this system for creating a games portal with 0 effort I then went and bought the most awesome of domain names to use with it... One that jut BEGS to be used for a social gaming site!

  • So now that I have created a system for cross game data sharing and various other systems to compliment it...
  • created shortcodes that help generate your website content for you...
  • own a domain that just BEGS to be used for gaming and ...
  • have had a number of customers ship games using my system over the years...

...I, personally, have been so busy doing contract work this last half a decade that I haven't gotten around to completing even a single game of my own to use with my own system on my own site! :(

Not giving up!
I said I was definitely going to do so in 2018! ...yet I still have no time... So definitely in 2019, definitely! ;) lol

Now, regarding my existing currency systems...
As part of the games portal I've created a virtual currency system for the ecosystem.

  • It integrates with Tapjoy so you can reward players with virtual currency for showing ads or downloading free games or what have you
  • Additionally, with 0 config at all, you can create as many virtual currencies for your games as you choose. Literally 0 config! Just start using it and it gets created as soon a you do
  • Currencies can be spent across devices / platform so, for example, earn currency via Tapjoy using your iPad and then spend that currency in a game running on your smart TV...
  • Using WooCommerce, simply by using a custom SKU for the product, you can sell that virtual currency on your website using whatever payment gateways you have setup. I, for one, accept PayPal and a wide variety of crypto (including Steem)

For all of that...
The one thing I have always wanted to do but failed at (hard!) has been to incorporate crypto directly into this ecosystem... The main stumbling block to using Steem or BitCoin etc was the fact that you had to go through an exchange. For me to create a system to give to you to install on your website to enable others to buy stuff from you using crypto without going through a third party... that just wasn't going to happen.

It seems I am stuck with having to sell in-game content via WooCommerce as the intermediary ...i.e. people have to go to the website and can't buy items directly from inside the game unless they spend the virtual currency. Crypto is out. I so badly wanted to let people use Steem to buy stuff directly from within the game but that just isn't in the cards :(

Back to the future
One of the upcoming plugins I am creating is an auction house where players can sell goods to one another. Play the RPG, find a rare steering wheel, auction it off to PlayerX who is playing the racing game. This steering wheel is actually a booster item in the racing game as well as atrophy in the RPG so now, because he has it in his inventory, PlayerX has a customised car because he bought a trophy item from PlayerY who found the item while playing a completely different game. This is what I have in store for the near future..!

And this is where you come in
My goal is give people tools they can use in-game and, where possible, on the website also. This auction house will be accessible inside any and all games that the developers put it into (just skin it to your game and job done) while also being accessible via the website. I am absolutely open to giving people as many payment options as I can both for the auction house and the existing currency system

... adding a forum that will allow my community to earn a currency they can spend on the site or in the game... Heck yes! The way I understand your system is that it works the same way as Steemit does where people get rewarded for getting upvoted / likes but doing so gives them a virtual currency which I will then have access to and can create a system for them to spend that currency either on the website or inside the game. If I am understanding this right then I am definitely very interested in this! Also, to see how this system will help me build a community for my community based site... :D (In 2019, definitely... ;) )

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the release! :D

Hey @cryptoctopus ! Hey TokenBB!
Thank you!
It is a pleasure to have met you and thank you for the trust you have placed in the @cleanplanet project, the first ecological project that rewards and ecocitizens' actions of collecting waste in nature in the city with proof by the photo where the video of the throwing of its waste in the public bin..... its waste as well in its right place will limit pollution of the surface of the earth and oceans.
CLEANPLANET is accessible to all steemians... and anyone can do a CLEANPLANET...
In our turn we will soon discover the TokenBB universe....
Thank you and see you soon
@cleanplanet Team

The tokenbb concept sounds very interesting. The steemit site itself is not made for posts with a lot of comments.Can tokenbb also be used to view posts with more than 100 comments that cannot be easily viewed on the steemit site itself?

$rewarding 85% 12min


Most forum software operates with multiple pages of comments under the same thread so that no page is a mile long. Down the line, we also want people who don't have a Steem account to be able to comment.

Congrats on your presentation at Steemfest! Nice work. Resteemed your post! I hope you have a wonderful time in Krakow!


oh man, this is my favorite European city so far.

TokenBB changes a lot of things. Watch how this plays out folks!

I had always thought about something similar to CleanPlanet , where in I personally would reward people for keeping their surroundings clean . Great initiative .

Petty software was not ready to showcase it at SteemFest, but I', looking forward to seeing it's features soon.

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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Hello @cryptoctopus,

I have been glad to meet you at SteemFest and I hope you enjoyed SteemitBoard's "Meet the Steemians Contest" I organized for the event.

I'm looking for some support to be able to continue run the various project I maintains and support (like @cleanplanet) and future events I'm preparing for SteemitBoard.

I was just wondering if you could consider voting for my witness. This would be really helpful and greatly appreciated!

Take care and hope to see you next year.

This is really interesting, i love the forum

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I did not know @CleanPlanet existed here at Steemit. Just followed them and would like to dig deeper and know more about this project. This seems relevant to me. Thanks @cryptoctopus.

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I heard this discussed with great enthusiasm and Im looking forward to seeing it come to life

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As we work collectively to build this blockchain and the communities and applications on top of it bit by bit it is essential to have a more timeless platform for conversations.

Really glad to see you adding this and I can totally see how we could benefit from using it as well.

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This is a cool concept and I hope you can get some traction with it.

Nice coverage. This token seems solid.

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Sorry for late posts.. Just reading through all your content because your most recent post and got excited..

I like the whole 'tokenizing' game development.. and I know of a few sites that are trying to offer tokens for answering dev questions and voting up the best solutions in a stackoverflow kind of way..

People have know and have become accustom to the idea of gamification, but it was always upvoted and 'brownies' as good will gestures.. Now you can attach real value to it..

great idea!