The Whale Pool Is Beginning To Grow Already!

3년 전

This is massive news that really deserves your attention!


For the third week straight and the Steemish Teamish have done some powering up of the Whale Pool!

This week as we watched @steemish gets a solid boost we know that 2018 is just beginning and as more minnows find out that they can build a community whale and own a special crypto currency traded as Stish that the sky really is the limit!


steemish powering up.png

This is the biggest single day powerup as of yet. Over 1000 Stish were sold!


  • See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
  • The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
  • The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
  • The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
  • The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
  • Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
  • No Pre-Mined Tokens



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This is just fantastic. Just simply fantastic.

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Slowly but surely growing some whale accounts. Thank you!

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i new posts everyday but that posts for not earning?what happen? to work in this site?please tell me step by step? to improve earnings for my post?

please reply me


Usually it takes about 7 days after joining for the automation to pickup you account and add it. You have to have your profile completed on for the whale pool accounts to update you and add your blog feed. Additionally you have to use one of the tags located under tools and autoshare. Curently members can also share their post links in upvote help. Joining groups and making friends is easy on and is the first place to start. 😀