Orvium is a clear science.

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Since I have been starting to write the articles, I became interested in such things which I hadn’t thought about before. Making reviews of many projects, I try to understand the essence and the problems connecting with different spheres.  

Now we live in such time, when we feel free to do whatever we want. We can afford to do what we like and can devote all the power to it. 

The business which I do gives me a lot of pleasure. Firstly my mind became much more opened, secondly I feel free, I don’t have limits, when I couldn’t fully prove myself.

But unfortunately there are some professions in the world where people do business of all life, but they are limited at the same time. One of such professions is scientists. These people invest a lot of power and time to their job, but as a result they can’t fully prove themselves. 

I think that many of us consider that making some discovery is enough for being famous in the scientific field. But unfortunately it is not so. 

I have never thought that such profession as scientist could be such limited that it is not allowed to prove you as individuality. The point is that an institution, not a person, stands behind any scientific work.

Also the problem is that the publication of work in the scientific journals and other sources costs a lot of money, which cannot influence on scientist’s work positively. In my opinion, the problems in such unfair system can be solved by the platform Orvium. 

Orvium is a decentralized publishing platform for the publications and scientific literature management. This project will be based on the blockchain technology, due to which all the participants of the platform will have full information about all the operations made on Orvium. 

But this is not the only advantage of the ecosystem. 

- copyright protection; 

- provision of  the exact and verified information; 

- treatise publications without delays; 

- smart contracts with help of which all transactions within the platform will be done.   

This is not a full list of the services which can be provided by this platform. 

All the instruments provided by the platform Orvium can be bought with the help of inner token ORV. The cost of 1 ORV will be 0,1 US dollar. 60% of all tokens will be presented for sale. There will be 379 millions of tokens on the whole. You can get more detailed information about ICO following the links I will leave below. 

Orvium is a very perspective project which will be very popular and successful. The team did its best so the treatise had achieved a new level. I think that this platform will support the scientists greatly. 

The information in details is down:  

 Website:    https://orvium.io/ 

Telegram:  https://t.me/orviumS2w 

ANN / Bounty:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3535259.0 


My Вitcointalk  Username:  Stttai  

My Вitcointalk Profile Linkhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1936716  

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This project is successful by all means. I will follow all the news of this platform.

@shagimardanov resteem done and 75+ vote got from @abir97
Thank you for using our service.

The science will be available now. This fact is joyful.

I am sure that this project will have a success. The team made a revolution in the scientific sphere.