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Hello to you all my dear friends, thank you for stopping by to read my blog. Today I'll be introducing to you a new cryptocurrency platform called 123swap Platform. It's unlike any other platform and it is broader than Uniswap and Pancakeswap in terms of utility when the platform is fully functional.


123swap finance platform is a decentralised finance ecosystem that facilitates seamless peer to peer swapping of cryptocurrency assets. By the time the platform is fully operational, it will provide easy to access, transparent, and convenient exchange; earning and investment management solutions, all without the need of any intermediary.
Presently, nine blockchains has been integrated into the platform which includes: Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, HECO eco, OKEXChain, Moobeam, Harmonyand Polygon.
Many more will be integrated as time goes on.
For more information about the project, visit


Unlike recent new projects that have anonymous teams thereby exposing investors to unnecessary risk and uncertainty about the future of the project, 123swap platform is proud to flaunt it's reputable team members to the world thereby adding credibility and certainty to the project.
The Cofounder and CEO is Tomas Ambrazas and you can watch his interview by clicking on the following link

Details of other team members can be easily gotten on their official website https://123swap.finance/
Partners and Angel Investors

One of the best way to identify a good project is to know and access the partners and Angel Investors behind it.
123swap finance platform is proudly backed and partnered by Becker Venture Capital and Steven Becker, as well as other notable investors such as Polygon (Matic) Technology, Harmony, Entry and other firms, VCs and others.

Aim of 123swap Finance Platform

One window place for crypto users for easy usage of any blockchain assets.

Make crypto assets work in various ways. Money should do more money. Stake, farm, mint NFT in any blockchain.

To provide a seamless user experience by allowing users to access the whole crypto market in one location while never compromising the security of their private keys.

This will enable users to enjoy the following on the platform:

Arbitrage Possibilities
Automated Trades
Crosschain Bridge
Community Governance
NFT Minting and Swap
Yield Farming

123swap finance platform is both BEP20 and ERC 20 with 123 has token symbol. It has a total supply of just 129million, 123swap is poised to offer a good ROI for investors, private sale is live until 24th December at just 0.075USD.
I'll encourage you to visit 123swap finance platform #tokensale page https://exchange.123swap.finance/#/tokensale

You can also earn from your referrals by sharing your unique link. You will gain 5% #123swap tokens your friends have bought. Your friends will also get 2.5% bonus for using your link.


123swap finance understands the importance of community involvement thanks why they are on every platform to meet the needs of any member.
You can join any of their community and your enquiries will be well answered.


I do hope that my write-up was able to showcase the importance of #123swapfinance platform and why you should get in #earlystage, the platform offers a unique opportunity for investors and #crypto enthusiasts that craved a better platform.

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