Tommy Robinson - Convicted For Journalism


Today Tommy went back to the Old Bailey to sit in front of two "appointed" judges - Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Warby for sentencing. Tommy Robinson - convicted of journalism because he is an Enemy Of The State.

Tommy - jailed on the 25th of May 2018 for "contempt of court" served 20 weeks in solitary confinement. He got released from prison on the 1st of August 2018 after appealing that conviction. Lord Chief Justice Burnett found that Tommy was not given appropriate due process. Hardly surprising given the fact that Judge Geoffrey Marson QC was found to have "rushed into proceedings" and committed Tommy to a custodial sentence within 5 hours of his arrest for "breach of the peace".

The appeal judges also found that Tommy was sentenced as though he pleaded guilty which he did not do. All these things and more "gave rise to unfairness".

Not content with the first round of political persecution the Conservative Attorney General had five months to consider re-charging Tommy, which he inevitably did. Tommy has now been found guilty on three counts of "contempt of court" including causing anxiety to a sick Muslim paedophile rapist.


Tommy Robinson - Convicted Of Journalism

Dame Victoria Sharp, one of the Judges presiding over this case, ruled:

"You will be committed in prison for a period of 19 weeks".
That means Tommy will serve around nine and a half weeks in prison for partaking in the crime of citizen journalism and making disgusting, depraved, debauched Muslim paedophiles anxious.

Tommy has gone into great detail about this case. He did what he was supposed to do when enquiring about any reporting restrictions; however, that meant nothing to the two "Appointed Judges".

The Attorney General not content with just a custodial sentence for Tommy Robinson's journalism, applied to the court for Tommy to pay costs which could be in excess of £25,000.

It's a dirty fight. Help us if you can by CLICKING HERE.


Stay tuned for updates.

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Best news I read all day. They were convicted of peadophilia. You added 'Muslim' and 'sick' to their description simply for drama in a pathetic fake news style attempt to create bias and to pander to your personal preference of context.
Tommy Robinson with his stupid act of self promoting muppetry could have quite easily allowed people who it was proven committed depraved acts against kids to have been freed. Luckily that didn't happen and they are behind bars where they belong. As is Tommy Robinson.
The British party complaining about British justice? Ironic.
Convicted for Journalism? Lol. He was convicted for attempting to allow peadophiles to walk free and should be ashamed. He is no more a journalist than you. Journalists report unbiased fact. You report rhetoric laden half- truths to suit your own personal agendas.
You like freedom of speech ? Let's do it.

We are all Tommy Robinson ?

Thankfully we are not.


Tommy Robinson was convicted for contempt of court because there were a large number of linked trials taking place and so not to bias juries in each of the trials, reporting restrictions were put in place so they could get a fair trial and if found guilty which they were , a solid un-appealable conviction.
Tommy Robinson set up outside the court filming live on Facebook the people attending the court hearing thus jeopardising the whole number of trials . This is why he is in jail.

Thankfully. The defendants were all convicted and got long sentences but it could have turned out so different due to Tommy Robinson and his disregard for the welfare of the victims. He should have got 10 years.


Four 100% upvotes for @nathen007! I got you bro 👍👍👍


Hey, what do you mean by "convicted for attempting to allow peadophiles to walk free"? Can you provide me with context and elaboration? Getting confused.

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I'm from the north of england - you're being a dick - you truly know jack shit.

This has been going on for long before tommy robinson.


I am from West Yorkshire and lived specifically in Dewsbury for 10 years. I know a lot. You are perhaps missing the point I was making in the comment.
By calling me a dick for my comment, it suggests that you support him. I notice however you didn't give him an upvote. Embarrassed to do so? Afraid of what people might say?
Also shooting your mouth off and assuming someone you don't know 'knows Jack shit' is stupidity and says a lot about a person.
Want to carry on?


I support anyone who stops gangs of people raping young girls.

A friend was one of those victims, a few years back.

'knowing jack shit' applies to everyone that hasn't seen the destruction to whole families, that it can cause.

It is a strange one for me, yes he was reporting something long ignored by the media, which he should be commended for. However, imagine he collapsed the case against the groomers and they got free, I would be furious. So I don't know where to stand on this.


My disgust at this guy is that he uses child abuse as a tool to further his party's agenda. He doesn't care about child abuse, he cares about playing the race card at every conceivable opportunity and what better way to stir up further prejudice than by using child abuse.

why is a racist edgelord on Palnet? This is silly.