Potential multiplicators for Steem - Tommy Robinson

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Today I saw this post:
and in the comments I read that Tommy Robinson (@tommyrobinson) has an account on Steem and is actively writing here.

I don't think I share many opinions with Tommy but I think it's a big and good thing for Steem to have him here.
I found information that Tommy had close to 1 million followers on Facebook, close to 300'000 followers on Youtube and more than 400'000 followers on twitter before his accounts have been shut down. Let's help these people get on the Steem network.

I am opposed to all forms of censorship because I think
-that every adult individual has the right and is able to decide for himself what information he wants to consume
-everybody has the right to make a fool of himself by publishing outright stupid material
-society as a whole benefits from as much and as diverse information as possible
-nobody (!) is sufficiently able, suitable or smart and has enough integrity to decide which information is publishable and which information should be censored.

Let's make Steem the network for everyone, without exclusion.

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Great Post!!!! Resteemed 👍


Warum wird hier gedown voted?


Wüsste ich auch gerne, habe diesen Bot seit ein paar Tagen am Hals. Wüsste nicht was ich falsch gemacht habe 🤷‍♂️

I agree. If the downvote button appear, let us not use it hastily.

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