1000 Year Old Tree, Yes Really!!!

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Hey everyone, how appropriate that a tree over 1000 years old is called the Wonder Tree, or as the locals would pronounce it "Wonderboom' and here it is in all it's glory.



Check out my video post here to get a better idea as to how huge this thing really is: https://hive.blog/tourism/@craigcryptoking/wonderboom-wonder-tree


This incredible Ficus can be found at the foot of the hill in Pretoria South Africa a suburb abtly named "Wonderboom' after this very tree. More here as per wikipedia:
The Wonderboom Nature Reserve (Afrikaans: Wonderboom-natuurreservaat) is a 1 km², 200-hectare reserve that incorporates a section of the Magaliesberg range in the northern portion of the Pretoria metropole, South Africa. Its main attractions are the Wonderboom (Afrikaans for "Marvel tree") near the reserve entrance in Lavender street and the derelict Fort Wonderboompoort on the crest of the Magaliesberg, that was constructed towards the end of the nineteenth century, during the Second Boer War. The latter is reached by following the steep, paved walkway that leads from the picnic area to the summit. The vicinity of the fort ruins also afford sweeping views of the city, whose council declared the area around the Wonderboom and both banks of the Apies River a reserve on 28 December 1949. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonderboom_Nature_Reserve



Naturally, nature reserves wouldn't be just that, without that nature. On arrival these curious looking holes dug into the ground, I speak under correction but possibly the home of a hedgehog, porcupine or Dassie aka Rock Rabbit!



Approaching the Tree on the boarwalk getting closer...


Closer up with all the information boards and history...


Like father like son ...


My 6 month old gorgeous child Jesse loved the outing as much as we did. 'Waves"..


Have a magic weekend, love and light always and be abundantly blessed.


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