holidays to Borobudur temple

3년 전


Personal Vacation Experience To Borobudur Temple. Assalamualaikum…. has anyone ever vacation to the temple of Borobudur yet? If I did, it's only been here. Borobudur temple is located in Magelang, Central Java. Oh yes, I also have a friend whose house is nearby, but I did not have time to stop by. Previously, we all stopped by his friend's house my uncle. Old friend, he said. After that stop eating again first. Oh yeah, we got there by bus from Semarang.
On the way, we passed other temples. That is Prambanan temple, the other one is either temple. The temple is small. I have also been to Prambanan Temple. I'll tell you sometime. Upon arriving, I was amazed. This temple is higher than I imagine. I just can not climb the ladder.
Holiday to Borobudur Temple is very pleasant, especially when climbing the stairs, the stairs are high. After that, rest first, tired. I see there are many stupas (of course ...) My cousin said, if the one in the stupa is touched, our wish is answered! Maybe it's just trust. I saw that some of the statues were missing parts of it. Like the head, hands, and others.
Many of the riliefs were carved on the walls. I do not really understand what that story is about. Actually there is a master stupa there, but not strong because the stairs are really high. At the bottom there is a lion statue that he said, the lion is a guardian of Borobudur temple. There is also an inscription. I forget where it is.

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