Sword Bonanza

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My son has loved you swords for years.
He's 9yo now, we've gone through many battles using Minecraft Swords, Pickaxes, and other general toy merchandise, that only lasts a short time.

LARP swords can be pricey and tend to be towards the heavy side.

He wanted some new swords to replace the recently worn out ones.

I wasn't keen on getting Minecraft and did a search online. So many choices.

I decided to buy from a shop locally, emailing them, asking if they had a beginner LARPing set

For those who don't know what LARP means. It's acronym for, Live Action Role Play, where people, normally adults, dress as medieval, fantasy or whatever floats your boat, characters with weapons made of rubber, to fit the theme and good battling, of various levels of aggression or play acting.

The store responded very quickly with, we don't have a beginner set, but we do have these, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit swords that would be light enough.

I ordered 2 of them, as I would be at the receiving end of a "thwacking" I'd need to be ready to defend myself.

In addition , they have, "Mystery Boxes", that, for a small value, would contain various items that would add up to greater value.

I'd figured that it might be a box of unsellable merchadise to clear their shelves.
I was hoping that it would contain some neat accessories.

On the shipping despatch note, it said 2.3kg (1 pound), which I thought was overly light, meaning I may have made an bad decision on the Mystery Box.

The box arrived today, it was very long, I forgot to take a picture of it.

The 2 Hobbit swords were perfect for him.

The Mystery Box was actually an additional 3 swords.
I am wrapped, as they give him an armory of weapons now.

I'm very wary now to battle him.
He rarely grants mercy and loves wacking me when he has the upper hand.

He also has a habit of hitting my knuckles and shins.

Maybe I need to upgrade into something more SUITable...

Oh, you can buy that armour for 2k AUD if you're so inclined. 😄

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wow that is really cool that the mystery box turned out to be three more blades! I would have been so stoked to get this as a kid... ah who am I kidding I would be stoked to get that now as an adult LOL

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