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3년 전 is a modern financial firm that offers the following main services: a fast and easy to use Crypto Exchange, a diversity of investment opportunities, a well developed ICO Consultancy service, a variery of promotions, and different affiliate revenue streams.

I already wrote a review about its innovative Crypto Exchange here , about its ICO consultancy services here , and the simple steps to pre-register to access to

On this post I will write about its different affiliate revenue Streams. Affiliate Revenue Streams

Before we get into its different revenue streams its important to mention this 3 important aspects of regarding revenue for affiliates:

Instant Payouts: If you refer users, mentions it will pay as soon as trades happen, so there is no waiting till the end of the month, or an specific deadline.

Less work to be done, and get more conversions: has already prepared tested resources that get high conversion rates, from videos to web banners.

Now that we know some of the great advantages of affiliates program, I will explain its 4 revenue streams.

Revenue Stream #1: Refer people to

This is the most common way to earn on affiliate programs. In the case of we have the advantages mentioned above, and you will earn a 0.05% commission on every trade they make, for life. The last word is an important one here. Commisions are paid for all the time will be on business. This is something not every exchange has to offer.

To learn more about the Refering People revenue stream, click here.

Revenue Stream #2: Refer ICO Clients

Refer clients to ICO Consulting services and earn a percentage of revenue generated.

Revenue Stream #3: Send users to Online Courses

Link to their education page and earn a commission on everything your referees buy for the next 90 days. This is something that will be available soon.

Revenue Stream #4: Sell their event Tickets

The firm hosts on-demand seminars and events all across the world. If you happen to sell tickets to those events, you will earn 50% of each ticket sold.

As we see, there are a variety of ways offered by for users to earn additional income. This is a great way to help its community grow.

If you are interested, you may check more details about on its website.

In case you would like to learn more about the ICO consultancy on its 1 page ICO Advisory services, click here.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!

Regards, @gold84

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