My Steem is stuck in Shapeshift!

3년 전

Just a quick word of advice, trading Steem at @shapeshiftio is temporary suspended so do not send any money to that exchange.

I was unlucky enough to be amongst the last users to try to exchange some Steem, of course the transaction failed and they still have not worked out a fix for it!


I have been waiting over a week for my refund, but still nothing. I do think they will send it back as they seem like a serious company, however waiting 6 days for a simple refund is crap!

Best way to trade Steem at the moment is Bittrex and Poloniex.

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Mnnnnnyup! Never a good feeling. Assuming you got a hold of them and they confirmed back they are on the problem, they will follow through. It is just odd it seems like an unusually long wait time. In my past cases, they always cleared up the issue within 48 hours. You'll get it back @chitty ;-) I am not on Poloniex any longer. I've been reading and hearing a lot of shysty stuff going on there. I like Have you given them a go?


I am sure I will get it back, I have had issues before but this time is taking them quite long.. you can see Steem is offline on Shapeshift at the moment, they told me when they re-open Steem trading my Steem will be sent back.

I would also cut Poloniex since they had withsdrawal issues, Bittrex ftw :)

Did you filled the refund address?
6 days is too much, talk to shapeshift support


I have, they said they are working on a fix..

It gets a little spooky when the steem crowd is essentially down to one working exchange. Cross your fingers and hope nothing happens to bittrex. Good luck getting your money back.

I hate that, but I hope it worked out. Follow me and I follow you please

I hope you have it soon :(