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There is a symbiotic relationship between cryptocurrency activities and trading. First and foremost, the value of cryptocurrency is directly influenced by the volume of the coins traded. There are currently thousands of coins and hundreds of trading platforms. According to this list I found on coinmarketcap the trading volume of the top 10 tokens in over 200 coin trading platforms varies from approximately $3billon to as low as $200 depending on the popularity of the platform. This little statistics points at the importance of trading platforms

Different trading platforms have their appeal and one of the coolest platforms around these days is because of its unique features and forward thinking activities that has led to unprecedented growth in such a short time.

The platform is in a state of perpetual development and in a recent tweet by the official twitter account, it was announced that there will now be four new tokens listed and available to trade


The four tokens coming soon are

  • $MIOTA:Permissionless distributed ledger token from the IOTA blockchain
  • XRP which currently ranked as the 3rd biggest #crypto by market cap: One of the most popular tokens and rose to prominence in a short space of time.
  • TRX one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world
  • Snowgem (XSG)-the Zcash based #cryptocurrency



There are many users on this relatively new platform that already accounts for about $3million daily trade volume and here is why users love the platform

  • User interface Flexibility: One interesting feature of using this platform is the fact that it features a customisable userinterface. Users of the platform have the freedom to designt their page and dashboard to suit their aesthetic requirement. The redesign could include colours, page orientation, position of icons etc. The essence is to give the user a more personalised experience while trading on the platform.

  • Purchase Crypto With Debit Card: A feature that isn't found on a lot of trading platforms is the fact that you can easily and directly buy from a growing list of crypto currencies available on the platform. Tokens like Dai, Bitcoin, Eth, and GRIN are among the non exhastive list of tokens you can access throught this platform.

  • ** Promotions**: Users of this platform are treated to regular promos through the website or those mentioned on their official Twitter account. The platform also hosts trading competitions like the one that held in the month of February with the tag #loveCrypto and brought traders from all over the world, vying for the 1.5BTC grand prize. There is also the liquidity pool that was designed to encourage users to purchase the local currency called TioX(minimum of $150 worth); the purchased token will then be loaned to a pool created by the platform and strategically invested in various industries. This investment will in turn generate risk free passive income depending on the quantity of TioX loaned to the pool. The best part is that you can take out your tokens whenever you want.
    The other benefit of having TioX or using it for trade is that you receive a 50% discount for any transaction.

  • Cheapest Cost of transaction: A very key reason why individuals like using this platform for trade is the fact that it offers probably the lowest transaction rates available. Users of the platform don't have to worry about deposit fees because it is entirely free. Liquidating a token or maker fee are also entirely free. Users of always find themselves coming back for more because of the appeal of the platform and the fact that withdrawal fees are kept at the bearest minimum and charging a measly 0.1% as taker fee makes the most economic and favourable place for trading and exchange.

This exchange platform is loved by many users and the increase in followership on Twitter shows that something is being done right. The growing list of tokens is also step in the right direction and this will attract more users to the platform.

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