Big things for in September, and it all starts with fiat deposits!

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These days, it seems like every time you turn around there is a new kid on the block when it comes to crypto exchanges.

Companies can materialize out of the ether (pun intended) and promise you the world. They might have a flashy website and a strong initial marketing buzz, but eventually their sites and promises stagnate and crumble.

That's why it is so refreshing when a company like comes along.

Like many of the other exchanges, promises big. The key difference between them and the competition, is that they also deliver big.

The features of work together giving you a virtual toolbox of options to use for investing and exchanging.

  • Liquidity Pool allows you to earn daily interest in cryptocurrency when you stake their TIOx token. With annual returns close to ten percent (for top tier investors) and zero deposit fees, there is no easier way to make your crypto earn for you.

  • OTC Trading is currently being revamped to provide customers with the best experience as possible. These are just a few of the awesome benefits OTC gives you when it is operational again:

- Personal account manager

- Trades settled the same or next day

- Access to's institutional relationships with liquidity providers

- An easy to understand commission structure twitter

Additionally, in the month of September, has promised some exciting surprises according to their Twitter account.

In fact, we are just approaching the halfway point of the month, and they have already released two very exciting bits of news.

The first is the ability to purchase crypto currency with your credit card and the second is the introduction of their fiat deposit system. now allows you to buy BTC and other major cryptocurrencies with EUR or GBP! has put a lot of work on their end into making things as simple as possible on your end. If you haven't already, you should really navigate over to and create an account. Please be aware there are some countries were is not accessible. After creation, it usually takes about twenty-four hours for your account to be verified.

Once that has been taken care of you simply need to deposit your fiat using either a card or a bank transfer. As soon as the funds show up in your account, you can start using them to trade for crypto.

While may not be the first exchange to offer fiat to crypto trades, they do have some of the most beneficial fees. Fee Structure

From this table you can see why it is in your best interest to become a member of the Liquidity Pool. If you do a lot of trading or purchasing throughout the year, the savings in fees alone are immense.

There has never been a better time than now to get signed up for They continue to put their customers first and add features that will make them a front runner among all of the exchanges.

Create your account today and start trading smarter!

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Direct fiat deposits are always a great thing. There need to be as many bridges across (back and forth) to the new cryptocurrency ecosystem. The easier it becomes for people to move sooner money into crypto, the more adoption we should see.

The only thing that I'm a bit disappointed about is the fee schedule for non stakeholders. Unfortunately, that does make much less enticing than some of the existing exchanges with good reputations (out of respect for the article, I don't be making their competitors!).

I realise that they to have utility value for their token... But I'm not sure that this is the way to go about it...

Honestly, I want to say that I am very interested in this crypto-supported service. In addition, the transaction costs are quite cheap or not necessary at all with shipping costs, of course, provide benefits for traders.

This makes more unique and different from other platforms. It is possible that the project can now be more confident by relying on Tiox, but other trading platforms also offer the same thing as them. However, services and products are more attractive compared to challenging platforms.

Say the user can get more profit from the platform by risking Tiox. Now, the platform is more awesome. Imagine that some cryptocurrency exchanges accept banknotes such as dollars, euros, etc. And some bring your own Bitcoin (or sometimes other digital assets). The difference is very far. Crypto exchanges that accept fiat currencies make life easier for newcomers to the world of digital coins. You register to move, deposit money, and you can reach the starting point. You can transfer back to your account and spend money like you would with other funds. All-round is more accessible than other options.

Comparable with a cryptocurrency exchange platform that does not accept regular or fiat money, the process takes longer. You must first buy a supported digital currency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum before you can join the Exchange. I admit that has a pretty amazing vision to bring cryptocurrency trading to the top.

Good article @bozz!
Thanks for sharing....!!!

For a few months now, for some reasons, I've not logged into my account, but I see this post as a wake-up call. It's time to resume trading in
Thanks for this buddy

Interesting to see that is still keeping ita wings flying high, I signed up at the inception just like many other projects as you've said but keeps delivering. They are sure poised for the future of exchanges. Thanks for sharing

Great stuff from I have heard about the platform but haven't gotten around to trading. Do they allow small amounts for trade?

wow, great write up and awesome payout! you should definitely use the steemleo tag next time you do something like this, I bet you wouldve scored a big amount of leo tokens and they are way up right now.


Thanks for the advice. I always forget about the diffet tribes!

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What a great review of this site it does sound very interesting

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