KICK Coin Listing On Comes With Massive Airdrop and Competition | Over 7 Million KICK For Grab!

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Do you know that you can grab up to 1,050,000 free KICK on Be among the winners of this unrivalled airdrop and competition on your trusted cryptocurrency exchange.


That reputable cryptocurrency exchange, has added yet another token to the list of the cryptocurrency tokens tradable on the platform. This is no other than KICK, the protocol token of a newly launched project on the Blockchain - KICKICO. This new listing on comes with an exclusive airdrop and competition. A total 7,500,000 KICK tokens will be won by token holders and Liquidity Pool members. Before we discuss the airdrop and competition, let us give an introduction to is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency world

In software engineering, one of the major focuses of designers is the user’s interface. Despite their enthusiasm for multiple functionalities, users expect an interface to be simple and easy to use. When we talk of online trading in general, what the traders are mostly concerned with is the security (and their privacy). In the cryptocurrency world, these two are the leading entities that define the integrity of an exchange. seamlessly put these two attributes to great use on their fully customizable platform that provides frictionless trading experience to crypto traders. is a complete revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange. It is equipped with the next generation trading tools to give traders inexplicably awesome trading experience. is fully customizable and easy to use. It offers almost zero-fees trading with its simple fees structure. As well, it utilizes other advantages of Blockchain technology to bring about transparency in handling transactions.

What is more, gives traders the ability to trade various cryptocurrency tokens on the exchange. Its diversity ensures that both major and minor cryptocurrencies are being added every now and then. One of the new listings on is KICK coin. This listing comes with an extra dividend for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With KICK coin comes exclusive airdrop and competition in which over seven million KICK tokens are going to be given out.

About KICK coin

KICKICO is a fundraising platform that utilizes blockchain technology to help project owners with decentralized fundraising campaigns. Since its inception, about 250,000 ETH has been raised to support projects such as INS, Micromoney, Hacken, Universa and some others. The KICKICO ecosystem is powered by its utility token, KICK and has an internal exchange named KICKDESK.

The exclusive KICK coin airdrop

Airdrop is one of the few ways by which cryptocurrency enthusiasts acquire free tokens. Usually, a designated percentage of tokens are airdropped to create awareness as a cryptocurrency project is launched. is airdropping 4,000,000 KICK tokens to the coin holders and their Liquidity Pool members. Liquidity Pool is a program that helps TioX ( protocol token) holders to liquidate their tokens and earn profit daily. This program requires the members to invest a certain amount of TioX token (minimum of 2,500 TioX) into the pool. The designated tokens are used to run crypto trade by and the profit made is shared according to a tiered structure. The profit does not affect the original tokens invested and members can decide to opt out of the program at any time. Learn more about this lucrative program here.

Each member of the Liquidity pool will receive their proportional share from the 1,000,000 KICK designated for the program in the next few days; June 22nd, 2019. Do you already own some TioX tokens? You may want to join the Liquidity Pool now to get your share of this airdrop.

Another way to leverage on this airdrop is to hold some KICK on your wallet. 4,000,000 KICK will be airdropped to KICK coin holders on June 22nd, 2019. Registered users can easily trade for KICK coin on with a click. If you do not hold a wallet on yet, click here to be redirected to their website and get started.

The KICK coin competition’s Kick competition commences by 10:00 AM on June 21st and runs till 12:00 AM, July 5th, 2019 (EST). This competition presents an opportunity for you to grab a whopping 1,050,000 KICK as the first price. Conversely, you can be among the other nine traders to share 2,450,000 KICK.

As unbelievable as this sounds; you are only required to do a very simple task. You just need to trade as much KICK tokens (this includes both buying and selling) during the competition period as you can. Do this without trying to manipulate the system and you can be among the ten winners to share the total sum of 4,000,000 KICK coins.

This airdrop and competition are being discussed on’s Telegram channel. Learn more about it and other updates from team.

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