Don’t Miss Out! Exclusive Airdrop and Competition worth 7,500,000 KICK

8개월 전

We’re pleased to announce that KICK coin is now available to trade on our exchange.
To celebrate this new listing, we will be airdropping a total 4,000,000 KICK and hosting a competition of 3,500,000 KICK.
Read more here:


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Y'all don't have steem and sbd on your exchange. Bummer.


Good looking out finding that. Plus it's rat racing their crypto


Would've joined if steem was there. Now, not so much.

Another wonderful initiative You keep building upon a very strong base and another competition for people to gain Kick.

This is great Step by you @tradeio-official after fiat support earlier. This giveaways is the best opportunity for people to take benefits your fastest-growing platform. I am impressed with your speed of in cryptocurrency industry. I will spread awareness about it so that more people can be part of it.

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we will be airdropping a total 4,000,000 KICK and hosting a competition of 3,500,000 KICK

That's massive. I am eagerly awaiting 10:00 AM on June 21st to join the airdrop.
Can we make more than one submission?

Meanwhile, I invite friends @Kufray @Prettyglo @You34 @Maxdevalue @Evegrace @Amplegeologist to join this promo.

Thanks for @Oracle-d for the information through the discord.

Wow! That’s a lot of kick. Was just reading up on them. They are making the ICO space more organized and getting STOs more mainstream. STOs will be huge soon which will make this token quite valuable. Trade on & Kick

Excellent initiative. You're getting better and bigger on this, congrats!

What a way to launch the kick coin
by airdropping 4,000,000 KICK and hosting a competition of 3,500,000 KICK I think is redefining trading by initiating this awesome initiative, I'll be sure to participate, besides when will this be starting?

No way! An airdrop on top of a new listing? That is pretty awesome! I continue to be impressed by the features and benefits that you bring to your customers. The innovation and foresight is pretty impressive over there at

Air dropping 4,000,000 KICK!!! First off, I'd like to say WELCOME to KICK 😂 ... And blessing us with 4million... That's a rain of blessings. Thanks

I recently heard about via the @oracle-d blog and it amazes me how fast they are growing. Kick has found the right place and we are here to make it happen.

This is a good news for the users of I will definitely be part of this competition.

Resteemed for added visibility keeps hitting us with amazing contests! Please you guys check this out and participate @yandot @burlarj @stevenmosoes and @davemmccoy.

I am so impressed with what am seeing. I love the energy behind this team. They are not slowing down at all.

The giveaway is great, will get to the apex

I cant wait to get my hands on those Kick token.

The airdrop and the prize from winning the trading competition aside, this is a good opportunity to rake some profits off trading a newly listed token. Previous experience has taught me that a lot of profit can be when a token is newly listed like this. Every smart crypto trader will not pass this opportunity. Good one @tradeio-official !

Well, I've browse through, and it's great I must confess. Kick coin would be the first coin I'll trade in it because I'm definitely participating in the airdrop. Especially the one involving me having some kick coin to participate in a sharedrop.

This is a big step from Kick coin to get listed on this cool exchange.

I haven't checked out trade-io yet but I see it talked about all over the place. I need to get around to it.

I wish I could read the article about the airdrop without having to sign up to medium though. I'm trying to decrease the number of things I'm signed up. 😢

Great stuff, I know @king-oghie already won one of your Twitter contests, so I'm definitely tempted to join this competition too.

Looking forward to the massive airdrop as well :)

I really like seeing @tradeio-official's exchange getting better and adding more tokens as time goes on! The airdrops and the competitions are certainly great strategies to attract active traders.

This is incredible Step by you @tradeio-official after fiat bolster prior. This giveaways is the best open door for individuals to take benefits your quickest developing stage. I am awed with your speed of in cryptographic money industry. I will spread mindfulness about it with the goal that more individuals can be a piece of it.

Starting from its name I kind of like it, even to the listing a new coin which really attest to more greater trading opportunities for trade.Io.

Thumbs up guys.

I see that team is fantastic because as I remember few weeks back they added Fiat support which indeed a great move and now listing KICK. I know it all requires lots of efforts to make the decide and make the implementation. I am amazed with the kind action your team is doing and pretty sure that you're going to get bigger number of users for theirs Crypto trades. Why I am saying is that because now a days users prefer to use the exchange which has active team with innovative ideas and for sure you are the one and you proved it. I will participate in this giveaway also and will see if I am lucky enough to win. Thanks

Echoing a few comments above....Adding STEEM and SBD would be awesome! More places for me to dump my fiat into :)

I am ready to kick in onto some KICK airdrops. Thanks to for this, it can only get better.

That's great. Thanks for the opportunity to gain KICK. The giveaway is an excellent way to celebrate the listing.

I am very tempted to get this. This sounds a little crazy for me and our community. After this in the post I thought about discussing this with the community. We decided to invite people in this section. This is the best initiative to support the program.

There are no other considerations besides deciding to participate. We believe that in the near future, will be increasingly popular.

It is possible that the new market for IDR will be open considering the crypto community that dominates here.

Thanks... Good job!

I'm still wondering why we still don't have steem nor sbd on yet. Despite the familiarities.

I think if steem And sbd is listed on your exchange, then your exchange will really go far

So um...when are Steem and SBD making an appearance on your exchange?

Not being a prick, but you are using this platform to promote your content.


This depends on the opinion and the interest of the forces behind steem. If they put listing the cryptos on exchange in their plans, I'm sure it would be acheived in no time.


The interface looks good.
Congrats on finally getting listed. Ama not missing this airdrop, thanks for this.

This is a very cool project, I will like to partake in it....

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Been following for some time now and I am impressed with what they are doing.

A lot of people are going to have a kick hahaha. This is a good one. Great one. Well done.

The project looks so promising ....i just registered on platform to participate in the airdrop

Would have loved to have STEEM and SBD pairings

Airdrop hunter here though 👋

Sure to participate in this one! Big ups!

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Wow, excited to participate in airdrop of kick coin. @tradeio-official is always coming up with exciting news. Keep it up.

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Airdrops are underrated. Glad to see Tradeio doing their best to make KICK available to many people. Looking forward to the contest. :)

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Will do the airdrop asap and read their whitepaper!

I looked at the article. What is a liquidity pool member?

This is a nice start
Will definitely partake in the kick airdrop and invite my friends too

It sounds like an amazing news, it could bring a great future and better opportunities..!!

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Interesting! I thought that the Japanese people didn't know the news.

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Have you listed steem and sbd ?

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This is a starting of a new era. Let go home KICK

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exitos por siempre en esta empresa tan grande hacia el exito y la alegria de saber hecho realidad un sueño.

It is so wondeful this Airdrop!

Ah an Airdrop just for KICKS. Love it.

Whao! That's a positive improvement. Let the good work continue...

Great news, can't wait to participate in this massive airdrop. always bringing good news and news, every day is becoming more and more. Thanks for the update, I will be attentive to the competition.

Quite an interesting project. Goodluck for the future and I look forward to the airdrop.

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I'm learning about it, is genial.

Let's kick some coins into our wallets.

This is such a great news.

Nice project,cant wait

It's nice going to check it out thnx

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Wow, I hope this kick spike in price. I can't miss this airdrop for anything.. Kudos to

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Awesome initiative. Can't wait to get in on this

Is KICK already tradeable?

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is KICK already tradeable?

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This would be more excited tradeio is now on board...

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what's kick?

Another KICK tokens airdrop I just became aware of:

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Good opportunity to earn more crypto.

Wow.... so great. ..

I am sure going to Kick the airdrop into my goal post. @chomsy what are you waiting for

let's kick it

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Many positive things are expected. Since the launch they have been growing almost exponentially, which may signal positive movements. Soon this Token will be strengthened.
Good vibes.

wow so many kick tokens up for grab - the idea of a competition and an airdrop at the same time sounds alluring and amazing :)

This is massive airdrop, I hope, I grab some of them.
Thank you.

¡Woou! This is genial.

Huge airdrop! Would be incredible if could list Steem as well!