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Are you a Crypto enthusiast, Crypto trading professional, Blockchain expert or newbie in Crypto investment, is here for you; catering for the entire Crypto community regardless the degree of knowledge about Crypto trading and Investment that an individual possesses. It has a well-equipped management team of competent experts in Crypto/ Blockchain and the traditional finance trading that is ready to help you have a wonderful Crypto investment and trading experience.

What is is simply described as a next-generation trading platform based on Blockchain technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. is a unique exchange that is revolutionizing asset trading and investment banking.

New update: to list four new Cryptocurrencies

According to’s most recent update on tweeter, it is soon adding support for more tokens including MIOTA, XRP, TRX, XSG. This is a very exciting update that showcases’s more involvement and growth in the Crypto space. Join today and start trading a wide range of Crypto assets.

Features of the exchange:

A Fully customizable trading interface has a fully customizable trading interface and allows traders to save their layouts according to their taste and preference which makes trading a great and enjoyable experience coupled with a lightning-fast execution.


Maximize your profits through’s simple fee schedule that is Zero fees on deposits, minimal fees on withdraws, a simple 0.1% taker and a free maker fee.


With, a trader can trade multiple asset classes including BTC, ETH, LTC, TIOX. To be added soon are MIOTA, XRP, TRX, XSG.


You do not have to wait for long days or weeks for the support response. has a 24/7 support care rendered by its specialists to its Clients that is via email, Live Chat, or Telegram


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The liquidity pool

The liquidity pool is simply a lending pool where TIO holders lend their TIOs to the pool and the system generates revenue which is then distributed to the total participants in the pool. You basically join the pool with 2500 TIOx and earn daily interest from the revenue generated.

OTC trading Desk

This is a unique customizable trading solution rendered to Traders who desire to purchase or sell blocks of over $1000. A trader can deal directly with the dealing desk via phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp or Telegram that is with the Direct OTC trading. A trader can simply ask for a price, receive a quote and deal when he officially becomes a’s Client.

Merits of OTC trading

• Every trader is availed with a personal account manager who provides full support to the trader at the trading desk that is throughout the entire trading process.
• Institutional liquidity: It enables a trader to have access to’s institutional relationships with the biggest liquidity providers in the world.
• Facilitates quick settlements of trades as most OTC trades are settled as soon as possible within 2 days.
• Through the tiered commission structure, a trader enjoys a commission-free on non-limit orders where saves more as he continuous transacting.

Important to Note:

  • the minimum trade size is $1000
  • This OTC trading is currently unavailable

FAQ’s FAQ section has quite a number of questions and responses that have already been asked and delivered to the various users of the platform. Please visit that section just in case you have a question about the Exchange.

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