Tradelize_A global cryptomarketing platform and set of services that allows token holders to exchange their cryptomarketing

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Hello my crypto friends how are you? 

Today I will tell you about an interesting platform called Tradelize

What is Tradelize?

Tradelize_A global cryptomarketing platform and set of services that allows token holders to exchange their cryptomarket with confidence and make smarter investments by leveraging the wisdom of the smart crowd.

We create a set of tools suitable for professional traders from all major financial markets. We gave regular users the ability to copy the successful strategies used by professional traders, and used blockchain to verify the performance of these highly qualified individuals. All this combined will become a TRADELIZE community.

The Tradelize platform consists of 3 components: Tradelize.terminal, which serves the needs of professional traders and is designed to attract traditional stock market professionals / Tradelize.web allows new market entrants to successfully join the industry by copying the transactions made by effective traders.



Tradelize.Terminal is the first standalone Direct Market Access (DMA) software solution, with a simple and accessible interface for trading in the world's major crypto-currency markets, providing all the liquidity of cryptoeconomy. Custom made by traders for traders with LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.


Tradelize.web our unique environment that offers investors the opportunity to follow the strategies used by the most qualified professional traders through the use of Tradelize.score, the exclusive database and rating system that contains 100% verified performance results.

Normal Users

Tradelize's mobile app has arrived to allow you to trade quickly and easily at all times.

You can conveniently manage your account, analyze the ProTraders and quickly replicate your trading strategies, all at the touch of a few buttons on your mobile phone. Easy and effective.


Tradelize is an ecosystem where you will help all beginners to make the right decisions with recommendations from professionals, you will be able to obtain unique tools to know how to invest. Supported by the Protrader where everyone will earn equally getting tools and large amounts of money from investors. You will make money as well as the professional depending on the investment you want to make.

Arbitration search engine

Simultaneous tracking of predefined crypto currency price pairs across all major exchanges.

Level 2

Liquidity depth view for all major crypto-currency markets in one place or separately for each market.

Portfolio view

View all trades, earnings and balances in the Crypto currency of your choice.

Customizing the interface

Configure any number of tools, resize or group them and automatically save your interface.

Internal filters

Internal filters HIGH, LOW, Better percentage variation, due to volatility and liquidity that allow traders to keep abreast of market volatility.

Multi-display terminal

Distribute your work among multiple monitors.

All news sources

All news sources in one place, with filters for specific pairs, allowing the trader to focus on one trading terminal.

Connect wallets

Connect wallets from different crypto currency exchanges, or use a Tradelize.brokerage account, to avoid the cumbersome authentications of each individual market.



1.Tradelize.terminal is created for the requirements and desires of professional traders, in order to attract professional trading markets and funds to the market. 

2.Tradelize.web offers opportunities for users who are ready to invest in the market by copying the transactions that were previously used by more experienced traders on the platform and entered into the block. 

3. Tradelize.score , this is an additional tool for the above mentioned elements of the Tradelize platform, and is responsible for maintaining the statistical data of the transactions that have been entered into the block account.

Road Map


TDZ token

Price 1 TDZ = 1 USD

Available Bonus

Reward Available

MVP/Prototype Available

Ethereum Platform

Accepting BTC, ETH, Fiat

Minimum investment 100 USD

Hard cap 30,000,000,000 USD

Country Georgia

Whitelist/KYC KYC and Whitelist

U.S. Restricted Areas


Important Links


White paper








User: paycoin


Portfolio: 0x25cB9d8a016A89401764333e9E9F168142D548AA

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