Tradeqwik Poised to Provide Ability to Virtually Convert VIVA to any Coin Listed on Coin Marketcap

5년 전

We at Tradeqwik are happy to announce that we will soon roll out the ability to trade in every single coin listed on Coin Marketcap. You read that right. Every single one.

The way it will work is that you will be able to instantly convert your VIVA to a representation of whichever coin you want. How much you get of the other coin will be a function of that coin's price and a small (10%) discount off the VIVA Peg, which is currently at $10.

Let's say for example that I want to convert some VIVA into Bitcoin. I have ten VIVA. With the discount off Peg I could get $90 worth of Bitcoin. At the current CMC price of $5866.18, that means I could convert those VIVA to 0.01534218179 BTC. However, rather than it being that amount of actual BTC, it will be that amount of vBTC. From that point on, I will always be able to convert that amount of vBTC back to VIVA based on the market price of BTC at the time of conversion and VIVA Peg + 10% or VIVA=$11.

The 20% spread is what allows Tradeqwik to profitably provide this service, and it allows our traders to seamlessly move their VIVA holdings into representations of whatever other coins they want in order to play the market. Basically, you can speculate on any coin you want without ever leaving Tradeqwik.

If you happen to convert to an undervalued coin which then shoots to the moon, you can then easily convert it back to even more VIVA, which will remain at its peg until the Crownholders vote to change it. Of course, it could work the other way too, so you definitely want to do your homework before hitting that convert button, which is expected to come online later this week. We are happy to provide the convert button, but we can't tell you how to invest or which coins to convert into at any given time. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility!

Tradeqwik will provide withdrawal options for the top ten coins listed on Coin Marketcap. In the above example, if I wanted to, I could then withdraw my 0.015... vBTC as actual Bitcoin sent to an address of my choice.

For coins that are not in the top ten (with the exception of the ones for which we already provide withdrawal options), it will be up to other VIVA mints to provide gateways for those coins. We don't yet have an ETA, but the long awaited VIVA mint kits for Crownholders are a priority for VIVA Holdings.

We are very excited to roll out this feature as soon as we can because it will substantially add to the practical value of VIVA for traders and speculators. It will also provide some increased exit options for people who need to essentially withdraw VIVA at any given time.

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What powerful development coming through our way today in the newsfeed! AWESOME!!!

I am still wondering about many aspects of the Vivaconomy,even if I own 2 Crowns and would love to participate more, I I can, to the whole process of expansion... PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO TO HELP AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Otherwise, this article has been upvoted, resteemed and shared!

Thanks again, keep on thriving, namaste :)

Tradeqwik continues to innovate and impress. ¡VIVA tradeqwik!

I don't see how anyone, especially those adept at trading, could read this post and not be excited. The VIVA machine is just revving up! Get in now and take advantage of a ground floor opportunity. Go to and reacquaint yourself. Read the whitepaper. It only gets better from here.

Yes, I think I need to register with you.

Seems a very strong option ! Looking forward to have it !

wow, i am looking forward to that..

Awesome viva machine , love it.
Thanks for sharing.

Just getting started in the Viva economy ! This is great news especially for those of us that really don't have enough cash to be trading except for very small amounts at a time. The ability to trade all of these alt coins and to be able to convert them to coins of choice is really going to be a boon to us all !, thank You so much !

Another amazing development from TradeQwik and the VIVA team. I've already made lots of profitable trades on TradeQwik and this opens up MANY new opportunities!

Held my mouth so tight
I was about to screem so loud that I could have bursted the ears of those sitting beside me .
After reading the first 2 lines of this blog, I am so happy
Now I will sit down with my leg crossed waiting for exchanging to be announced

Great post.resteem this post

awesome! really like these improvements!