Tradeqwik Rolls out more Powerful and Flexible System

5년 전

This latest Tradeqwik update has taken considerably longer than expected. We had been working on a complete overhaul of Tradeqwik for some time now, knowing that we would need it. However, a number of issues and bugs necessitated us having to implement it much sooner, and well, it's the sort of job you pretty much have to plow through until it's done.

We've also had a bit of excitement. At one point all the VIVA owned servers went down. Fortunately that situation is under control.

The new system underlying Tradeqwik is much more powerful and flexible than the old system. Among other improvements, once the new Tradeqwik goes online, it will be possible to perform in place upgrades and replacements of various systems with zero downtime.

We might never see Rubber Duckie or Danger Duck again. It's the end of an era. His goose, or should I say, his turkey, is cooked.

The wait is finally over. Tradeqwik is back online. Please log in and check your accounts. If anything doesn't look right, then please log onto the Discord channel and follow instructions. Although you can log into Tradeqwik, all wallets and other features are being brought online in stages. You'll have to wait until the coin causing you issues' wallet is online before reporting it as an issue, as bringing the wallets online should clear a lot of them.

Feel free to trade and mint, and share your feedback with us on Discord. It will help us out.

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Viva la Viva! :D


This is all good news as far as I am concerned, yet, I would love to know how to trade and mint, especially know what the minting is about! Thanks a lot for all the information, namaste :)

Alright, thanks for the info, it was helpful. @tradeqwik

Any news on this TQ update? I have a fair amount of coins on this exchange and I would love to know that I will have better access to them in the near future.

i also hold some vivacrown but think they are useless now