Tradeqwik Talks Like a Pirate, Hides Clues on its Maintenance Page

5년 전

Ahoy Mateys! In honor of Talk like a Pirate Day coming up, we at Tradeqwik have dressed up Rubber Ducky for the part. We have also hidden clues in the maintenance page.

Have fun finding them!

There be many updates t' share with ye, so stay tuned for a longer article coming soon.

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Arr, ye lil mining experiment had me cpu huffin and puffin like a whale on a hook when I fell awoke this morn, me thinks we should not mine blockpoo..


Per discussion on discord; right now, all XMR that is mined will be paid out to TQS holders. The eventual goal is to pay it directly to you when you're logged in, as well as allowing you to configure your default mining status (at least on/off, but possibly also provide a throttle).

As a reminder, the ultimate goal is that users can help power the viva blockchain and apps and be paid to do so just by leaving a web page open.


This is an experiment that's mining Monero via Eventually they want to have an option for people to power TQ and other parts of Viva just by leaving your browser open.

Clues abound! Good luck to all my fellow TradeQwikians! :-)

Ahoy 'n' Shiver me timbers...

I will find ye abaft 'n' check me binnacle 'n' count my cackle fruit...

Yo ho ho,me ol'landlubber, thar she blows! I find 42 booty!


Arrr ye sayin thar be 42 bottles of grog in ye cask matey ???

Thanks for the info!

Huzzah fer tha Duck! He be Dangerous indeed!

I went to look for clues. I think I will!

Thank you for the maintenance information.

  ·  5년 전

Hello matey @tradeqwik. just created an account.

Tradquick is dangerous place to trade btc. I sent btc to my another acct and it just vanished. No one from tradeqwik responded to any of my requests since months together!!!!!!!


Click the link above for the TradeQwik Discord Server. Join the support forum there and I'm certain someone will respond to you quickly for details on your issue.

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no f*cking idea lol, now I just want some rum