Watch Bitcoin at this level closely & registered to IC markets to trade crypto/usd on MT4


Hey Steemians, hope you are all doing well. I know these days were not the best in terms of whats happening in the market. Well they 'sold the news' again as always. It was kind of fueling up for $500Bn before Consensus 2018 but the hype about died off soon and didn't turn out to be bullish as many expected.

Well the downturn got Bitcoin to test the ~$7000ish for the third time now and here is the TA on it.

  • 61.8 Fib Support (Sweet Buying opportunity)
  • Long term trend support
  • Testing the support for the 3rd time now ( could be both bullish/bearish) however with the RSI gaining a little momentum and the very fact that Bitcoin is tremendously undervalued im still Bullish. We still need to watch out for couple more candles to be certain.

Its always a good idea to have a low leverage long or just buy some with cash too ( that is what im doing, not financial advice haha) I also dont mind getting liquidated a little here and there till it bottoms.

Last time XM used to have crypto/usd pairs for trading but been quite sometime they have stopped it. Though Bitmex, crrypto exchanges you can trade BTC/USD (T) i still find it easier to use the MT4 platform and comes handy too...Just got registered with IC markets

The application was straight forward and i registered,got my account approved & also placed my first trade BTC/USD MT4 buy and took profits for $0.54 just to see if everything works fine haha. They have relatively lower spreads on forex pairs and as of now going well.

Everything was done in less that 20 minutes & just in case for some proof haha

Hope this was helpful and informative peeps and do sign up to Binance for trading/buying crypto & in IC markets to trade crypto/usd pairs in MT4.

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We'll see if $6-6.5k holds! If not, it's heading to pretty cheap levels. I am long-term bullish, but short term I keep an open mind to find the best buy in prices.


If it doesn't hold on to ~7k more likely for it to go down to 5.7 k or to even 4.6k range..really hard to predict the bottom


Great post, very similar thoughts and TA to mine. Thanks mate

Very well post love your job and fantastic analyse about market and your true this time nobody now what happened with the market that btc is almost drops 1500$ a quick drop


Thats what Bitcoin is good at haha and im just scared to short now too, let it go down further if it want will keep buying haha

There are helping and useful tools this time around and binance is one of them

Thanks much, I will try it too


Sure bro, you only need to be correct 51% of the times and you can make money :)either its going up or going down...true right?

thanks for nice information! trading


Thanks too for dropping by

Thanks you for informasion mr @amreshchandra. May God Bless You sir.


Sure consider signing up too @djamidjalal...

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