Trade set up for 30% profit - Part 3

3년 전


As happens a lot with crypto trading, things don’t always go to plan.
I don't know whether I cursed this particular pair by writing about them, but the upshot is that the EVT market has been exceptionally flat this time around, which is very unusual and a bit of an anomaly.

That said my order finally filled on Wednesday 10th. I was able to buy some EVTs albeit at a higher price than I would have liked (0.0058303), but for the purpose of this post and to showcase the possibilities of a 30% trade with these pairs, it`s all good.

I immediately set up a sell order for my newly purchased EVTs with a 30% profit target, but due to the order books being very, very low in volume I had to play with different lower rates, and have settled on a rate of 0.0071 (for the time being). Now I know this is a little below our 30% target, but if this sell order fills it would yield a 21% profit, and at this stage I would be very happy with that outcome.

If we take a look at the Ethfinex Listing Leaderboard we can see who the main players are for this cycle. Remember it is the top 3 that get their tokens listed so it`s a battle for 1 to 3 place. Things normally heat up during the last few days of trading so expect to see a push up in prices before the 4 days are up. I like to keep an eye on this page and the order books to gauge possible movement and with that data I can adjust my sell order if need be.

I will update this post with the final outcome, stay tuned :-)

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@bistonic, In my opinion Cryptocurrency Market is really volatile and sometimes what we expect may be not possible but good to know that you are keeping an eye on this Particular trade and hope that it will bring some profits to you. And i really want to appreciate for this Tutorial because in my opinion you are doing the Knowledge Transfer to some extent. Keep up the great work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


@chireerocks thanks for the comment and encouragement. Let’s see how this trade pans out, it`s not looking that good at this stage.


Welcome, and hope that gradually the trend will improve for this trade. Have a great time ahead. 🙂

Im still waiting for an update.


@chuuuckie, it`s not looking good amigo. 1 day + 22 hours left until my EVT turn to dust.
Sell order is getting cheaper and cheaper ;-)