Day 14 of 14!!! Last Day & Summary of Lewis Glasgow's SIX,000 Trading Course

2년 전

The Last Day

@lewisglasgow jam-packed the last day with information about brokers to use and information about leverage.



After finally finishing the course, there is a feeling of completeness. Everything covered was useful & wasn't watered down - it didn't feel like a Dragon Ball Z where you have to wait until the next episode to get to the end of the battle. Every day was systematically planned and you were able to take something away.

The strategy itself is great. You start with a Harmonic Pattern that hits 80% of the time. Couple that with a bit of market analysis and you're in the green. Not only that, the risk to reward is always at 1:2, so that if you win 50% of your trades, it would be profitable. With this you get twice the value, it's shampoo and conditioner.


This isn't a shoe that fits everyone. Lewis isn't a fan of giving out signals. He'll respond quickly, but in the end you're left to your own devices to research and place trades. If you're not willing to work, you'll have wasted your money. If you do work however, this course is invaluable.

Final Word

Having finished the 14 Day course, I know I'll be able to recoup the money that I spent IF I work. That being said, I'm ready for the Harmonic Mastery class that comes with the course!! :) Long live Six fig!

Day 14 of 14

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I've been a profitable trader ever sense!!!


I know you did, you're the one who showed me it


Honestly @chrisschultheis, I should have put your story in there about losing all you money, finding @lewisglasgow, and joining him before he really had the course together. You should post it!

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