⚫️IOI Platform: Making Cryptocurrency trading better through integration with gaming⚫️



Gone are the days when the blockchain technology was being regarded to as an abstract and non-applicable technology, now we have seen thousands of new projects being built on this same technology and as such, we now have several cryptocurrencies in circulation which not only have real world usecases but are also being traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

These cryptocurrency exchanges that supports the trading of these assets have several shortcomings that makes it difficult for newbies to adapt with, the most challenging of them for newcomers is the complicated user interface that most of these exchanges are made up of, not all newcomers understands how the modus operandi of order-books, only few of them understands how to read charts as well and as result, they end up losing their hard earned funds on these platforms.

Its in this plight that social trading was introduced to cryptocurrency trading just the same way we have it in forex trading but it’s unfortunate that most exchanges with this feature are even too complicated to use by newbies.

Then a group of professional team members came together and thought of gamifying this whole system with a simple and attractive interface to make trading easy for everyone, which means you trade while having fun.

This is an innovation by the IOI platform

IOI Platform

This is an interactive platform that’s delivering a reliable and easy to use social trading platform through gamification to both newbies and professional traders .


Races are the selected means of gamification on this platform which means a trading competition between two or more traders with the goal of accumulating a certain total value through daily trading.

As a trader, all you need to do is pick up your car, fuel your car up with your desired coin which serves as GAS and lastly, become the winner of the race. Your ratings and attained level will go a long way in attracting more fans to you.

Other exclusive features of IOI platform

  • Easy management and tracking of your crypto portfolio
  • Future plans of developing an android and iOS app to ease accessibility for all users
  • Availability of IOI nitro wallet to track your funds and track your transactions
  • Promo programs dedicated to best racers
  • Future plans of developing an IOI engine exchange and
  • Ability to verify anyone’s trading performance hence encouraging utmost transparency

Just as we are all aware that most blockchain projects have their own native token which serves as fuel of the platform, the same with IOI platform which has developed its own native IOI tokens which shall be used as incentives for players and also for upgrades on the platform. The token details are listed below;
Total supply: 100,000,000 tokens
ICO allocation: 30,000,000 tokens
Team allocation: 20,000,000
Player rewards allocation: 50,000,000



Having seen most of the exclusive features being offered by the IOI platform to make cryptocurrency trading worthwile for a traders, its of no doubt that the team behind the platform are professionals and also well experienced which is a sure guarantee that they’ll eventually succeed greatly with the project. Now that the platform is in its early phase, would you rather miss out on this great revolution? If no, then hit the links below to get more information on the platform to get started!


Bitcointalk Username: dvmmayowa
Bitcointalk Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2505500

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