IS THE BULL RUN STARTED IN BITCOIN? As Bitcoin Future Trading Volume On CME Reach Record High of $670 Million

3년 전

On Wednesday 25th April 2018, Bitcoin volume reached an all time high which reached to $670. CME traded around 11,000 contract which is around 56,010 bitcoin which amount to $467 million rest was traded in CBOE exchange.  


CME is the world 10th largest cryptocurrency excahnge. Just for comparison other exchange trade alt-coins also but CME only trade Bitcoin Futures (which is a great thing). CME is also the first regulated exchange which trading trading cryptocurrency.

CME is also trying to add few of the Altcoins to there platform like Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum or Ripple which will also be great for the crypto market as more and more cryptocurrency will be available to the common people easily 

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Answer is yes! Use all your savings to buy Bitcoin now, quick!

Lets look at the big picture reality of your question.

Your actions depends on your actual goals. So what is it you really want? Is what you want something you really need?

Is it to be able to predict the market direction? Then tell half your friends its a bull market and the other half its a bear market. You will be a genius to half of your friends, the rest will forget your prediction.

To prove you can believe a stranger’s answer and invest on blind-faith? Just listen to someone who have on average equal chance or being smart or not than you.

Is it to win big just once and retire early? This is easy, just double your bet every time, until you win big. If you run out of money or loans, just retire early. You win either way!

If you want to be consistently lucky in being able to navigate through investment decision, to be able to protect your principal and profit from certain opportunities? Then take the time to Do Your Own Research, because investment is a game while you are never penalized much for not playing.

From my personal experience, learning to ask the right questions is more important than knowing the right answer. By the way, there is no right answer, because goals change, market conditions change and almost everything is a point of view away from sounding like crazy talk.

I have be critical in my answer because most question about Cryptocurrency demands it, I just happened to stumble upon yours. I do mean you well to the best of my ability and I hope you will forgive the blunt (pun intended) blows from my hammer of utter honesty.