MORE GOOD NEWS: France Lower Taxes On Cryptocurrency Profits by More than Halved from 49% to 19%.

3년 전

Since the beginning of this year we have seen huge correction in the bitcoin market. But this all ended after 17th April which was the date to pay taxes in America. After 17th April we have seen some interest gaining in the crypto market. 

We had few good news in last few days but the really good news is the The French Council of State announced that it has changed its Capital Gains taxes on Cryptocurrency from a high of 49% to just 19%. Thats reduction of more then 60%. We can see the effect of this news in the Cryptocurrency price in the last two three days.

This is very big news as France is a second biggest economy in the European Union. Which can make way for other European countries. 


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That's good news for the cryptocurrency space and for France. 49% is crazy.


In few country they have taxes more than 50%