L2EXCHANGE | LEVEL2 EXCHANGE NEWS - The importance of orders speed and low latency when trading

2년 전

When you think about trading you might picture in your head those old movies about wall street, guys yelling their orders from across the room, manually trading. The market has evolved, especially in the last few years. The need for advanced trading tools has increased and it's extremely hard for a lonely trader to compete with banks, hedge funds or market makers.

That's when trading bots come into play but even those might not be enough. The need for high speed exchanges is increasing. The crypto market is even worse, the high volatility makes it really hard to trade unless you have good speed but there is another concern, security. Centralized exchanges are known for being vulnerable to attacks. Millions have been lost in the crypto market due to exchange hacks. Decentralized exchanges started to make an appearance but they are not enough. DEX's are certainly more secure than CEX's, however, they lack important features like trading tools but also liquidity.

L2 Exchange plans to solve all these issues by combining the benefits of a DEX with a CEX. Users will be using a decentralized deposit system while benefiting from all the advanced and professional trading tools l2 exchange offers. Level 2 will also enable margin trading and margin funding as well as derivatives.

Most importantly, the Level 2 exchange will enable trading speeds similar or better than top exchanges. L2 accomplishes this with the use of FPGA technology and a FIX API. Keep in mind that this is an exchange with decentralized deposits operating at speeds similar to centralized exchanges, something that wasn't possible before. L2 is also offering some features that not even CEX's are offering.

Additionally a really lucrative loyalty bonus will reward traders with bonuses, prizes and more. L2 will also be holding trading tournaments regularly.

There is a beta version available at www.http://l2exchange.space/ or you can check the official website at https://l2.exchange

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