Trading Diary - April 7th 2018

4년 전

I'm thinking about getting into BCH. I think it can be good for 30%. As it is one of the most manipulated coins in the market and the last spike some days ago freed enough headroom for a upmove.


ICX preceded the the 10% move today again with a divergence on the edge of the Bollinger bands in the 4h chart and went to the opposite Bollinger band just like Bitcoin from 6400 to 7500. That is clearly back-trading as I didn't spot the setup yesterday. I guess that's why you try to stay focused on specific patterns and don't look for something else.


For BCH I'll wait for the same for a entry. I hope for another low in BCHBTC. Might have a stop buy order in place to catch the move anyway.

I seriously don't want BTC to go any lower. BTCUSD looks like we enter the Ichimoku cloud on the 4 hour chart from below. I hope there is still juice in that upmove from this morning.


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