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Altcoin fantasy is a trading game with real crypto market prices. It's a great platform for newbies or anyone that would like to go into actual trading as it's a risk free trading game with expereince that will be useful during actual trading.

With Altcoin fantasy you can get update of crypto price at any time, have fun while gaining trading experience and earn prizes while at it.

Sign up is very easy, you can sign up with your google, email por facebook account. The game is easy and interesting, i recommend it to every crypto lover.
Join me let's have fun.

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cool app really enjoyed using it

From what I have seen through the use case so far, is an amazing crypto trading app.

This app has a trading platform I'm learning crypto trading with. It is an interesting app.


Been using this app for a few days now, and I am addicted to it already.
It is fun and easy to use, takes away the stress of learning trade with my money, now i can learn trading without using my fund in my bank