Trading ideas on Monday: BTC, ETH, NEO and XRP

3년 전

Good morning!
💰 Capitalization of crypto-economics: $ 425.808V
💵General trading volume: $ 15.267B
💥The share of bitcoin: 38.1%


BTCUSD: climbed to the pivot

Against the backdrop of positive news Bitcoin climbed to the main Pivot. The price still went up to $10200, but later than expected. Oversold on MACD has changed dramatically to overbought, which is a bad factor for bulls, as I wrote earlier from $10200, I'll think about options for shorts, under current conditions if the price can not gain a foothold above Pivot, but here it is necessary to look carefully, since if the rollback is flagged , then the price breaks above the downstream line.

ETHUSD: there is every chance to gain a foothold over the pivot

The ether slowly returns the lost and gets to the reference Pivot, the moving Arno Lego moving upwards and taking into account the small overbought on the oscillator, the price is likely to be fixed above the Pivot support. Open long long positions should be retained, and the stop loss should be transferred to the breakeven. The head and shoulders can be worked out with a delay, this has already been observed

NEOUSD: graph h2

Neo took off against the background of good news, the growth is likely to continue, given the weak for such a jerk overbought on the MACD. If someone wants to open the longs, you should wait for the correction to the middle Bollinger band, in a few hours and it is desirable that during the rollback a bullish flag or pennant be formed to continue the impulse. Neo has every chance to show the same rally, which was recently on Lightcoin. The nearest targets for Longs lie above R1 on $140-$142, but before opening long positions, you need to wait for a rollback and preferably a bullish pattern. P.S. In the near future, Neo may have new fundamental factors that could lead to another take-off of the price.

XRPUSD: the triangle is punched upwards

Ripple struck a triangle (it was a little redrawn) up, now its development lies in the region of level $1.06, a little short of it. Before the reference Pivot (towards the end of the cycle), the centripetal impulse should slow down and become centrifugal, with periodic stops on the flat and correction. Now the buyers are not hindered by anything, there is no overbought, there are no bearish signals, it is important that there is not a sharp drop on Bitcoin, otherwise it can frustrate the development of the triangle on the Ripple.

If there are here those people who share my opinion with me, then please follow me! If there are critics, then please leave them in the comments. I'll be very happy!!!

I wish you profits!!!


Information presented in this material is the opinion of the author (@maksym7) and is not an offer to a specific action.

Thank you for being with me!

Have a nice day!!!

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