All this tether FUD for a Bull Flag???

5개월 전


So Here we are!!!

After all that tether fud, the top 5 cryptos are holding strong. We can even see some pump here and there on alt coin vs BTC.

And now a nice bull flag on BTC, ETH, LTC

Low volume on the flag... No volume lately. I started shorting at 225$ eth, But now i'm confused. Look like we are out of the down trend since October 7th...


Mars Blockchain Conference NYC Starting tomorrow morning

Be careful, If you got any idea, feel free to drop them below!

Trade safe


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USDC is better than Tether. I will lay down my name for USDC because I know you don't fail if you invest with USDC and they have a 99% off trading fees until Oct 22. Don't waste opportunity to try. Enjoy!


The only think you can do is fail if you invest in any stable coin 😂