Market Mathematics Knowing your odds is the secret to trading

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## Sorry it has been a while since my last video, so I'm gonna put out a double.. This will be part one of our discussion on understanding the mathematics to creating a winning trading system.. In part one we will discuss a common issue that some traders struggle with and I think it really has to do with not clearly understanding the math that the trade is based on. Trading is all about knowing your odds or edge in every trade you take, and then being willing to take a loss if those odds change.. Take a loss/or break even, if your trade no longer has an edge.

So I have not recorded part 2 yet, but I will try to get to that tonight...

Its a great example of a Forex trader with a simple wining system based on math and odds... I personally recorded his entire blog (over 350 pages) starting back in 2010 because his system is pure genius... I even considered trading it myself but never got around to setting up the account... While the system is easy to do, and you will make a killing, It does take alot of discipline..

Hey, don't forget to upvote me, I need encouragement to keep putting out content :)


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Thanks man, you're work is very much appreciated. Please don't stress about the questions, don't let it overwhelm you to the point that you stop sharing content. Answer what you can and only when you feel like it. your content is important to many of us. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks!


that is the crux of why I disappear alot... If my life gets busy, its easier to just stay silent for a bit, instead of open the flood gates of questions and personal messages..


I know how you feel, I been there. I believe the reason you do this is because you enjoy it and genuinely want to help people so if people are to receive a video with slim to little chance of asking you questions about the content, that's still better than not receiving anything at all. You will still have done what you enjoy to do, helping people.

Do what you can when you can. I know it's easier said than done but it will be appreciated.


Excellent video (as always) and welcome back. You've been missed! Hope you enjoyed your summer break :)


Great video again, thanks! If i understand:
With (Small) Account Building 'under the base' (...) means 'chart not reliable' so try to break even/get out asap. While when you talk about 'Position Trading', getting in under the base is what you wait for?

Just wanted to upload some CRYPTO P0RN for all the young viewers! ;)

Thank you for all your help!!!

My heart just stopped for a bit when I got the notification for a new Luc's video. Paused everything I was doing thinking... o man I got to see this,
right now! Excited for the second part, I was trading FX a little bit. Thank you Luc, we all appreciate your devotion and willing to help. Sorry, I also asked you some pretty dumb questions in the past. Now I'm holding myself back, re-watching , taking notes, doing everything I can to become your best student. Kind regards, Core.

Simple examples on how to look at math in your favor. I think sometimes emotion on trying to breakeven gets to most traders to holding on too long.

Wow, am so happy to see you back in my feed. I don't have time right now to watch, but will check it out later. Already gave you the upvote as I already know it is quality based on your ethics. Honestly you could post pictures of your breakfast here and I would upvote it to show my appreciation for what you have done for us.

It's so nice to see you back Great Luc!! :-)

So good to have you back. You are family! :)

Luc, They should name a coin after you!!!
Thanks for this video. A real money saver. Looking forward to part 2.


10/10 would trade LUC/BTC, LUC/ETH and LUC/USD pairs


The ticker of Level-Up Coin = LUC... :-), but not a good one to trade because its grinding down haha

Luc you are a hero. The voice of reasoning and sanity during a bearish market. There's a community in place that's incredibly helpful, there's no reason for you to keep getting bombarded with basic questions. There's entire articles outlining all your methods. Please keep posting content, it gives us inspiration.

Hey Luc, thanks for this introduction. Would you happen to have copies of Graeme's original chart posts? Imageshack doesn't show them anymore. Thanks again!

Really great video on AB - very very clear!

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