Why are not you making more money with trading [and what can you do to fix it] Part 1.

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It has been said and written a lot about trading, books, articles, courses, many youtubers have come to the fore giving advice, telling you when you should buy or sell, teach you to read the graphics, how to do scalping, etc. But little has been said about the mental aspect, about how to achieve the economic goals that we have set for ourselves.


And with this I mean to program the mind, let me tell you that if this is not aligned with your goals in trading, you will not reach them, no matter how many books you read, how many techniques you learn or how many courses you do, but you learn to program your mind. lost.

In the analysis of trading charts, the analogy of Bears and Bulls is used a lot, when the price starts to rise is that the Bulls are pushing for it to be, this means that there are many people buying and when the price Low is that behind the Bears are clawing to get off, in other words, there are many people selling.

You will ask, what does this have to do with the mind? Let me explain it to you.

Mental training (the key to earning more money)

You only have one mind, but it is dual, because it has two distinct functional parts, each having its own attributes and powers. Many names have been used to distinguish these two functions, we will call them conscious and subconscious minds.

Following with the Bears and the Bulls, if you are not reaching the goals that you are proposing is that your subconscious mind is acting like a Bear, clawing at all your attempts to have a better life, and if you leave it like this it will always keep you at low, this is only because he is used to that, it is his program, your mission will be to reprogram him, you have to transform him into a bull, so that you can go up. The subconscious is more powerful than the conscious mind, controls 95% of all our functions, you can imagine the power it has in our lives.


In the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind its author Joseph Murphy says the following; "Think of your conscious mind as if it were a camera and in your subconscious mind as if it were the sensitive film on which the image was recorded and recorded. The films are revealed in the dark; in the same way, the mental images are revealed in the dark room of the subconscious. "

This analogy is magnificent, and I recommend that you always use it, think that your subconscious mind is a dark room and that you have to reveal the mental images there, by doing it constantly, your thoughts will be recorded in it, and that is what mental training consists of , in keeping focused on those images most of your time, it's that simple.

Once the mental images are recorded in the subconscious, they will be reflected in your external world as it may.

Everything you have around you first had a mental equivalent before manifesting, which means that everything around you is mental or rather, it is virtual.

Both in trading and in life Everything is Mind

Everything in the universe is almost empty, if you approach a table, you see that it is there, you touch it and you feel very real, nothing out of the ordinary, however the reality is different and it is almost empty, I mean, the table is composed of molecules and these are atoms that have around them, electrons.

Imagine a football stadium and there is a marble in the center of the stadium, if the stadium were an atom, the marble would be the nucleus and around it, turning at an incredible speed throughout the stadium space we would have a dozen of energy pellets the size of small dust particles.


With this information we can deduce that 99% of the atom is empty, there are only electromagnetic energies acting as glue and joining the nucleus with the electrons.

Then we have that some atoms are joined to others by means of electromagnetic energies to create molecules and these combine to form the wood, of which the table is made, so even though you see a solid table it is actually 99% empty because the atoms that compose it have those characteristics.

The sensation of solidity is only an illusion created by the electromagnetic energy forces that unite some atoms with others, however you see the table very solid, this is where the light enters, which is an electromagnetic energy that comes from the sun or from a light bulb in the form of photons, that is, balls of electromagnetic energy.


These balls collide against the electromagnetic force fields of the atoms that form the table and bounce to your eyes, they have nerves that capture this energy by means of photosensitive sensors that transform light into an electrical signal, which is driven by the nerve optical to your brain, there this energy is processed, the brain seeks a correspondence of what you are seeing with the known memories available.

Finally in the part of your brain near the nape of the neck, a representation of the information that your eyes had captured is realized, you realize, they do not really see your eyes, but your brain does.

What we see, hear and feel is an illusion, only that we are so accustomed to it that we come to think that it is all reality.

Everything is made of energy, the formula of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity confirms this;

E = mc²

It means that the Mass (m) is equal to the energy E, this means that the mass is concentrated energy.

When we pay attention to something, anything, actually what we are doing is giving energy to that object, situation, etc. The energy is concentrating there.

Energy materializes when we intend for that to happen, attention gives energy and intention transforms that energy and that's where our subconscious comes into play, if we program it correctly, it will move heaven and earth to materialize our desires.

And what does trading have to do with all this information? The following concept will help you understand it.

The Financial Thermostat

Harv Eker in his book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, which I recommend reading, coined the phrase of the financial thermostat, to explain what would happen if a person exceeds what he is accustomed to earn or on the contrary what would happen if he did not reach that figure, he says that we are all comfortable earning a certain amount of money, some feel good earning the minimum wage, others need to earn double, some would need to multiply the minimum wage X 100 to be happy, I think you get the idea.

If one of these people stayed below the amount with which they feel comfortable, their mind would activate and give them business ideas to increase their capital, otherwise, if they surpassed that amount, the mind would look for ways to get rid of the excess of money, they would get sick, their car would be damaged, in the end there would be a lot of inconveniences that would force them to spend all the surplus money and maybe more, because another characteristic that the subconscious mind has is that everything magnifies, any idea that you achieve implant in it will be enlarged.


All you have to do is give your subconscious a very precise goal, in this case, tell you how much you want to earn.

The first thing you have to do is to find out how much you have earned in the last 5 months, to be exact, what you earned in each of those 5 months, otherwise you can find out exactly what it is, then add up to those 5 months of salary and divide it by 5, the resulting amount will be what you earn on average per month.

For example, suppose that on average you earn $ 1000 per month, now choose the amount you want to earn this month, maybe 50% more, that's up to you, let's say you want to raise that amount to $ 1750 USD, ready you have a blank what to aim, but you have to take into account something and that is that you have to feel motivated just by thinking about that number.

There are people who intend to raise it little by little and do not achieve results for the simple reason that they are not amounts that excite them, others instead go to the stars at once and go up to a million dollars and as expected not they get it, because their subconscious blocks it, this happens because they themselves do not see it as something credible in the end.

You have to try the optimal amounts for yourself, maybe you want to double or triple your profits, but it's just a suggestion, you are the owner of your destiny, follow your feelings and if you really believe that you can win the million dollars, then, go for the champion.

So far the first part of this post, in the second part we will discuss the strategy to reprogram your subconscious and you can reach any economic goal that you propose, greetings.

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