Will Ripple XRP Eventually Beat Bitcoin?

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In my opinion i don't think it will take 3-4 months, i don't even think the first half of 2019 that is a bull market pending but would say by the end of 2019 there should be a strong indication if this is ever going to happen. I think people call it the Rippening, but don't quote me on that, i feel like ive heard that many times before. People thought for quite some time that ethereum will passing bitcoin.

When xRapid is ready activated, i'm fairly certain should a bull market pickup, then XRP probably going to be one of the largest winners if not the largest. XRP has pretty strong legs right now and i think alot of people are participating some type of a bull market. Specially if we get some type of news that coinbase will add XRP, the price will push up to become number one coin.

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Ripple has been quite strong during the crypto crash the last few days and it's the only coin that "survived" it and that's a pretty strong indication that XRP it's not depended on Bitcoin.

What do you think, will ripple replace bitcoin ?

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I think it will during 2019. There is just so much positive news coming out everyday about rxp. You do not hear hardly any news about Bitcoin. I say in the next few months there will be a new top dog in crypto

People thought for quite some time that ethereum will passing bitcoin.
I am confused, is it possible? Lol I mean BTC and ETH has a lot of difference.

anythin is possible in crypto...

Never, Ripple is still a kid.

If I were a magic 8-ball, I'd say "outlook not so good."

Yes maybe it will, but only because institutional investors an the banks want to stay ahead in the financial sector of the world. I think XRP will make banking better, but on the other hand its just an instrument to keep further control of money. I personally have invested in DASH, because its fast ,cheap and anonymous and available for a good price at the moment. To me the idea of Crypto is to gain back power over your money. Investing XRP would be contrary. If the banks use it as a tool. okay. I'm not going to use it because I prefer privacy, I bought some as investment to hodl and sell when the have a good price


Everything is at good price right now

There's always a possibility for this, market is very unpredictable. It always fluctuate it might look impossible from most perspective, looking at the most robust and firm crypto as of today which is bitcoin versus a much smaller crypto. I've been watching XRP for almost 6mos it took big steps in the earlier quarter but then lost momentum and then stabilized. Who knows, its like a David and Goliath battle.

same view as you, likely the bearishness will continue, linger, denial to continue till at least early 2019.

XRP testing 9000+ again maybe like EOS, just delay impact from move in sympathy from btc.

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No Bitcoin is Grandfather, XRP is Grandchild's Grandchild and so on, it's not possible in past present & future. @tradewornk sorry to say it's my opinion and also reality.