You Can Now Accept XRP on YouTube and Twitch

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New platform, created by Ripples former CTO, is now integrated with YouTube and Twitch, so content creators can accept XRP.

Coil, a company that aims to provide internet content creaters new ways to earn money on their work is now in beta. So far, the company has integrated with YouTube and Twitch, so viewers can donate XRP to their favorite channels. Users can also use the platform to donate to Wikipedia and the Internet archive.

Coil operations to earn money on online content and light micropayments will only be run by the XRP Token. The idea within the Coil project will change the troubled world of micropayments and thus increase Ripple's adoption. In addition, the old system of supported content with paid ads will soon be exposed to such blockchain networks.

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Hummmm looks like BTC could take a hit if banks can sell XRP directly to customers without passing by BTC. Now YouTube accepts XRP and not BTC 🤔

Wao very great news.Everyone so happy to see this news.Very great upload videos on utube we can earn XRP.Very infomative news.Thanks for sharing.

Amazing ... how can I check this?

its so cool to see everything unfolding.

I am excited to know about it. I will check it some other time.

Wonderful news! It will help out many people who are providing amazing videos and analysis. Many are making tutorials and much more.

Finally, the world is accepting crypto slowly slowly, it's the start, I am happy to know that.

Thanks for the info! :)

This kinda positive news are boosting XRP price and it's a good sign.

Very well done and informative videos. Ripple seems to be getting more aggressive with their marketing.

Wow good. The platform uses Interledger which is a protocol created at Ripple that has been built in order to facilitate payments from more networks.

This is why XRP has shown a handsome increase today!!

So now we can earn XRP by uploading videos on youtube?


Still testing it.

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OH wow, that would be great


Yes, but you don't get it directly from a reward pool like here on Steem, you need someone else to donate it to you.

Crypto is getting over every day.. Wow

This is pretty cool news! It will be exciting to see how this plays out.

As a creator on YT, It'm confused what the point of this is? Like why would someone pay $5 a month to use it without it having any built in benefits?

Wow that's amazing! Shout out to all the creators who just aren't quite recognized yet but make great content!

Solid news.

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Is it a new coin or token? Anyway interesting and hope for your success.


XRP has been around since 2014, the idea is pretty cool. But there are many critics of the project.


Ripple is a coin.

XRP success where bitcoin and ethereum fail. this time XRP wins.

Great my friend... how can I check this?

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Is nice news for xrp user's

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Hi@ tradewonk
Surely this will help youtube users. Youtube got a new payment channel.
And now crypto presence is almost everywhere. And it will extend further in coming days.
And I think in coming days Ripple's adoption will be more globally.
Thanks for sharing this informative article.

Las criptomonedas son el futuro

Maybe XRP will future global currency. Thanks for this news.

Thanks for sharing a nice and informative news @tradewonk
Upvoted and resteemd

This is very good news, the future is looking very bright in crypto!!!

Yes, Hope so this can shine in future.

Las criptomonedas se estan abriendo pasoo

akhane onk kharp kharp jinish dekhay

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XRP is still demonstrate how usefull is. From banks to people like us Ripple is going to make a big difference in cryptoeconomy

prefiero youtube

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great news :)

Awesome! any form of adoption is a great thing. I started for the same reason.

Just like steemit is encouraging content creators