My DGB (DigiByte) Trading Plan -- Next 4-6 hours.

2년 전

Ok, I've been enjoying DGB as a trading asset.

Decent volume. Nice easy three digit satoshi price range (easy to remember price levels & easy to type in).

I believe $DGB is in a long-range bull trend, with news on its side.

Exodus just added $DGB to their wallet -- Which I see as a huge vote of confidence in the project.

DGB has a multi-algorithm network allowing mining with various hardware configurations.

Ok, here's the trading plan.
-- Sell in the red boxes, buy in the green
-- Here's the link to a larger version of the chart.

  • Sell at 374 & 376 satoshi (about to hit as I write this)
  • Sell another reach position at 384 satoshi (you could set it up higher around 387 if you're feeling lucky.**
  • Then I have my buys at 367 & 365 (netting 9 satoshi per $DGB on each)
  • Then I have a reach buy set at 362. (22 sat / digi if all goes well)

Wish me well on everything hitting.

I wish you all well in your trading pursuits and HODLing if that's your game (which I do as well)

<3 ~@writewords

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Note: 48 minutes after posting, my 374 sell came in and I put in a buy at 364 which instantly filled. Somebody came in and put a huge sell wall of over 7 BTC at 372 -- So I might move my other sells under that... or just wait and see if that thing goes away by morning.

I like your targets on DGB - looking forward to it clearing all time new highs long term too