Once a time there a live poor girl named tara, Tara is good girl that her parent really like her so much she is an intelligent girl in school but her parent her very poor ( they are not financially bouyant) that they cant afford book for her in school and also writing with her school uniform. The school was located in a city in america called california but she never let her background put her back on the ground she has a friend called pearl, pearl is a daughter of a businessman in california and also well known family but she doesn't no book but this poor girl tara help pearl alot in her academic pearl parent love tara because she is brilliant and also out spoken girl whenever tara and pearl are in school most of pearl friend mock tara of a torn uniform,school bag but pearl was unhappy because this she went home and told her parent about this and they said they will do something about it but one day tara doesn't no that tara father is a gardener in pearl father's house the reason why she did not know is that she has never follow tara to her house before and she doesn't know tara parent but on a faithful afternoon pearl followed tara to her house and saw tara parent and she was surprise to see tara father. tara father was asking her whatb did she came to do in his father house she said she followed her friend down here she was surprise to see her father gardener she went back home and told her father who she saw her father was also surprised
she went to school the next and told her class mates that tara father is her father's gardener but she does mean it like that anyways but class mates started laughing and making of jest tara she felt sorry and helpless but pearl did not mean it like that tara went home and told her father. her was smiling because pearl already told him all what happen in school and mr benson which is tara's father should help beg tara for all what she as done to tara
to be contiued

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  ·  작년

she should not feel ashamed that her father is a gardener, it doesnt matter who he works for to provide for his family


Thank you so much for the contribution but still watch our for the episode 2 come out shortly

  ·  작년

I will indeed watch out for the second episode @oluwasetemi