Monopoly City



Free parking space in the city is going the way of the full service gas station. The cash register ring comes when you need to park and take care of what ever business you have.
Rumor is there is some study on using 5G cell network to track cars to charge for parking is in the works.
Isn't that like playing monoploy, every step may bring about a bill.

More city streets now require "purchase" of a month pass to park overnight and rumor is it will expand.

A hungry mob at your door and a hungry (broke) gov running your city is most dangerous.

With things where they are now I can see more new fees more increases in every form. Then we going to see a net outflow of the lower income people from the city.

When are we going to get a Mayor and councilors that have the guts to do the right thing and put the city on a diet to stop all this madness.

Of course I am being wishful as history has shown that most gov is like parasite that will end up killing the host and not whatever pie in the sky it was promised to be.

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I'm sure the Politicians in Canada are very similar to Politicians in most Countries...

They all seem to work for the Central Bank Owners, and not the People who elected them...

On a good note, I do see hope...

People are starting to open their eyes...

Perhaps Canada will follow the example of the United States of a Sovereign People...

August 10, 2019... 12.2 Hollywood Time...


For us subprime mortgage is back. July home sales number are up again. The bubble is getting more air again. Very very interesting.